Democrats are STUCK with Biden!

Speculation is flying around the beltway and elite circles about who will be Biden’s replacement. After Tucker interviewed the erudite Vladimir Putin, a perfect storm formed around Sleepy Joe that showed even the hangers on, still clinging to hopes of Brandon ‘24, are starting to consider the 25th amendment and how to get Joe off the upcoming ballot. In trying to assuage the young, brown progressive base he issued executive orders against illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and has reportedly been insulting and demeaning Benjamin Netanyahu in private. Under any normal circumstance this would be enough for the swamp to clamp down quickly but let’s explore exactly why, barring some unprecedented events, the Dems are stuck with Biden.

The main reason that the Democrats will be forced to prop Sleepy Joe up against Trump is that Kamala is objectively less popular in effectively every swing state and even nationally in many polls. At the end of the day the Democrats still need to win the votes of millions of white, rust belt, and great plains Americans if they hope to prevent Trump’s 2nd term and Kamala is a cackling progressive diversity hire from California. Barring a crippling health episode from Biden the party will definitely do all they can to prevent Kamala Harris from being at the top of the ballot. She has never had higher approval and lower disapproval than Biden. Ever.

And while the democrats know they need swing state Whites to at least not come out en masse for Trump, they also need their POC coalition of the ascendant margins to come out as well. However, the media and party establishment are actually standing in the way of this more than Biden himself. The Biden team knows they need to win Michigan if they hope to beat Trump and in the past Michigan’s large muslim population were a loyal democrat voting bloc. However, since Biden and his neocon state department have overseen the horrible slaughter of over 30,000 muslim (and some Christian) Gazans, the muslims have totally flipped with some pledging to vote for Trump and even more becoming “Never Biden”. Biden’s recent rhetoric against Netanyahu and illegal Israeli West Bank settlements (something always opposed by the US) was meant to bring these voters back into the fold but what it actually achieved was far different. Biden and his team forgot one of the conditional agreements for their soft media treatment: Do not go against the war machine.

When Biden came out for his disastrous press conference it was as if a switch had been flipped. The journalists had reverted to their Trump era fervor, interrupting and uncharitably asking loaded questions. Biden was startled of course and ended up imploding less than a minute in by confusing Egypt for Mexico. We remember when Bill Ackman, the billionaire war monger who led the ouster of Claudine Gay from Harvard, decided to ditch Biden and throw his money behind the unknown Democrat congressman Dean Phillips. Ackman claims he started supporting Philips as a third way between Trump and the wokeness of Biden yet Phillips hadn’t even removed DEI policy from his campaign website when all of this broke. Ackman was not sincere in his desire to roll back DEI at Ivy league schools. He happily donated for over a decade as anti White and anti Christian rhetoric ran wild on campus. He is couching his support for endless middle eastern wars in a fake disdain for wokeness. We aren’t falling for it Bill!

Dean Phillips is a nobody but he is the only person who threw their hat into the race and may have a chance to sneak in somewhere. One thing is certain: if the powers that be truly think they will lose, they will hope for/execute a Biden health scare/incident and then work all of their political magic to keep Kamala as at least VP or get rid of her entirely. Big Mike Obama will not run, Gavin Newsom appears inert, and any other random candidate who decides to run will likely be far too progressive to win a national election. It appears the Dems are truly stuck with Biden; but who knows what these next few months will bring.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at TurleyTalks

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