Democrats ADMIT Trump Is UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Democrat strategist Donna Brazile admitted what we all know, and have known for some time now: Trump is unstoppable. She said that Trump represents a political movement the likes of which she’s never seen, and she’s right. We are going to see how the political realignment may change the political landscape for a generation and one that may consign the Democrats to a permanent political minority.

– There is a growing sense among even liberals that Trump is becoming unstoppable in the 2024 race.

– Recent polls show a shift toward Republicans as the party most trusted to govern effectively and responsibly.

– The United States is experiencing a divide between the values and views of the people and the permanent political class.

As you can see, Democrats are beginning to reluctantly admit what Fox News has yet to admit: Trump is unstoppable! We are seeing an unmistakable pattern happening right now that is shaping the 2024 race into what may be the most consequential race of our lifetimes!

We have a tale of two political cities at this point in the election season. One tale involves an electoral surge, while the other involves an electoral collapse. We are seeing a surge for Trump while we are seeing a political fall happening to everyone else. The political dynamics surrounding 2024 are realigning around what may be the greatest populist revolt against the permanent political class the world has seen.

Many liberals are fixated on Gavin Newsom or Michael Obama parachuting into the race and saving the day for the Democrats, but the dynamics are aligning in such a way that no one associated in the slightest with the elite ruling class can save them.

This is because the Democrats are increasingly being seen as the party of the political class, even more than the Republicans. The Daily Mail reported that not only have we seen a 9-point shift to the Republicans in terms of which party is most trusted to govern effectively and responsibly, but American voters now overwhelmingly see the Democrat Party as far more extreme than the Republicans according to a new Morning Consult poll. This is after a full-court press blitz of propaganda from the legacy media telling us that the Republican party is the party of insurrection, a threat to democracy, a cult, and fascists. Despite the glowing, glittering coverage of everything Democrat and all the propagandistic efforts of the cultural Marxist media, Americans see the Democrats as the most extreme. And of course, that is because no propaganda can cover up the absurdity of not knowing what a woman is!

The dynamics of this election are shaping up to be a massive revolt of the people, by the people, and for the people! Americans are currently more united than ever. We are more anti-war than we have ever been, even more than during the height of the Vietnam era, and yet, our permanent political class is obsessed with going to war. We have never been less racist than we are right now. Virtually every study out there shows that racism has plummeted in our nation. Our permanent political class has never been more obsessed with accusing us of racism. We are more united than ever before, and so our ruling elite are doing everything they possibly can to divide us.

We are living in a time when, in many respects, the people have never been more united in our disgust and disdain for the permanent political class than we are right now. The latest Gallup survey found that trust in our nation’s fundamental institutions across the board, from the federal government to our legacy news media to law enforcement to elections is at an all-time low. We have never been more alienated from our permanent political class than we are right now. Some have even argued that the United States, despite the people being largely unified, may indeed be the single most divided nation in the world with the values and views of the people being completely opposed to those of the permanent political class.

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