Democrats Admit The Cases Against Trump Are IMPLODING!

Danny Cevalos is an MSNBC contributor who is actually one of the better ones, and has a good track record of bringing light in the midst of MSNBC’s perpetual darkness. He discussed how the Democrats’ hopes and dreams of having a major trial and Trump conviction before November of 2024 looks unlikely.

– Fulton County DA Fani Willis, previously promising a Trump trial outcome by early 2024, now concedes it may extend past the 2024 election, potentially not starting until 2025.

– Legal analyst Cevallos predicts a likely trial date after November 2024, dimming Democrats’ hopes for a pre-election conviction.

– MSNBC, including some Democrats, acknowledges that the Trump indictments may not be working in favor of the Democratic party.

Even Fani Willis, the corrupt Fulton County DA in Georgia is beginning to admit that the trial for President Trump most likely will end up stretching way past the 2024 election, with it not getting going until 2025. Repeatedly over the last several months, Fani Willis has been promising her fellow woke ilk that she would have Trump convicted by early next year at the beginning of 2024. She is now admitting that is not happening, and that there may not even be a verdict until after the election.

As Cevallos noted, the first witnesses will most likely not even be called until 2025. The same appears to be happening with the Florida classified documents case as well as all the other cases against Trump. This is because ordinarily, defendants must be present for every session of their criminal trial. That is why they can’t stack all of these trials on top of each other, they have to happen sequentially. This means that if the first gets pushed back, they all will get pushed back. That is why Cevallos is predicting here that there most likely won’t be a trial before November of 2024.

The Democrats’ hopes that Trump would be convicted before the election are fading with each passing day. Even if convicted, constitutional scholars are in broad agreement that Trump, if successfully elected, would have the constitutional right to pardon himself. The president, as the chief executive over the United States, has the right to pardon, by definition, anyone he wants, including himself. The right and authority to pardon extends to anyone.

He may not need to do that if the Supreme Court could step in ahead of time if he is convicted to overturn the conviction, given how overtly partisan this kangaroo court circus is. If Trump wins and there is yet no conviction in trials that are still ongoing, he could appoint an Attorney General who would just intervene and shut this whole circus down.

Trump has the winds at his back on this. A recent Harvard/Harris poll shows that 55% of the population believes that the indictments are politically motivated. 56% believe that this is a deliberate interference in the 2024 election by Biden’s justice department. 57% think that Trump will be acquitted, and if not, 53% want him pardoned. This includes even 30% of Democrats. Even on the ultra-leftist MSNBC, they are admitting that if you’re a Democrat, these indictments against Trump are hardly working in your favor!

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