Democrat CIVIL WAR Will Lead to Trump LANDSLIDE!

A full-blown civil war has broken out inside America’s political left, and more media pundits are starting to panic that this is going to ultimately lead to a Trump landslide.

– Riot police cleared Columbia University after student protesters barricaded themselves inside, similar incidents occurred at the University of Arizona and Washington University in St Louis.

– Legacy media outlets, including MSNBC, are expressing panic over the protests, fearing they could lead to a new conservative era.

– Recent polls indicate a split among Democrat voters, with Trump leading Biden head-to-head and widening his lead when other leftist candidates are considered.

New York riot police stormed Columbia University. The entire university had been shut down as student protesters took over and barricaded themselves inside an entire building. Tuesday night, riot police cleared the building and arrested dozens of demonstrators. It wasn’t just Columbia. This occurred on the campus of the University of Arizona at Tucson, where students and riot police clashed as police moved in on their pro-Palestinian protests.

At Washington University in St Louis, police there also moved in and disbanded their pro-Palestinian protests, making several arrests. That appears to have been the relatively coordinated scenes throughout the nation over the past few days, and certainly last night. A civil war is breaking out on the left. The former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, Briahna Joy Gray, said, “If someone is hurt, that blood will be on Biden’s hands.” The key here is that these students are emphatically NOT protesting Trump, they’re protesting Biden.

Students are calling him ‘Genocide Joe.’ The legacy media is starting to panic over this and realize that these protests could usher in a new conservative era throughout the nation. Over at MSNBC, they are completely panicked:

The legacy media is right to be panicked over this. We now have data that shows that the Democrat vote is indeed splitting. The latest Emmerson poll of swing states dropped yesterday, and it showed the same pattern we saw in the CNN national poll that dropped over the weekend. That national poll found that when Trump and Biden were head-to-head, Trump had a six-point lead, beating him 49 to 43.

When the other leftist candidates were factored in such as Cornel West, RFK, and Jill Stein, Trump’s national lead jumped to 9 points. The left is clearly splitting. We are seeing the same thing with the Emerson swing state poll. Head to head, Trump is up 5 in North Carolina, 4 in Arizona, 3 in Georgia, and he’s up 2 in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and 1 in Michigan and Nevada. When RFK and the other leftist options are also accounted for, Trump is up by 5 in Wisconsin, 4 in Pennsylvania, 9 in North Carolina, 5 in Nevada, 6 in Georgia, and 4 in Arizona.

The policy strategist for AFG Investments, Greg Valliere is warning that Biden’s decline in support among young voters is reaching catastrophic proportions. He has lost five points in the last several weeks with young voters, and he’s now trailing even with Latino and Black voters. If Biden’s support continues to crater among those three key demographics, it’s over. There is no way he can win, and he’s sounding the alarm that it looks like it’s too late to win particularly young voters back. The legacy media is quite right to be panicked here. There is a civil war breaking out inside America’s left, and that civil war may cost the Democrats not just the election in November, but a number of elections in the foreseeable future!

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