Dem Strategist Admits Biden’s Numbers for 2024 are ‘Horrifying!’

A major Democrat strategist is sounding the alarm over Biden’s ‘horrifying numbers.’ We are going to see the latest on the Democrat panic over the amount of voters defecting from Biden’s base.

-James Carville acknowledges Biden’s declining support among voters aged 18-34, with Biden leading this demographic by only a slim margin compared to his 2020 performance.

– RFK’s presence on the North Carolina ballot is predicted to further damage Biden’s chances in the state, contributing to his overall decline in polling numbers for 2024.

– A Fox News poll shows that a majority of respondents, including independents, feel worse off than they were four years ago, with Trump leading Biden overall and among independents.

Democrat strategist James Carville is out over what he’s calling Biden’s ‘horrifying numbers’ among voters between the ages of 18 and 34. According to Carville, Biden is leading this voter demographic by just a couple of points, 52 to 48. The problem is that Biden won this demographic in 2020 with 60% of the vote! What Carville is seeing here is a 10-point swing to Trump since 2020. This swing is happening with a major Democrat voter constituency. Nicole Wallace at MSNBC had a temper tantrum over the weekend throwing her papers up in the air over the implosion of the lawfare against Trump:

This was an admission that none of this lawfare was working. This weaponized legalism and banana republic lawfare that is deliberately attempting to interfere in the democratic integrity of a presidential election is not working like Nicole Wallace and her other far-left woke activists scripted it to work. The media has become a spectacular trainwreck at this point. This puts what Biden did over the Easter weekend into a whole new perspective. Declaring Easter Sunday Transgender Visibility Day was sinister and heinous, but in light of this panic, it also shows a bit of desperation.

Biden’s people are worried that they’re losing their Democrat coalition. Young people, Latinos, blacks, and blue-collar workers are all defecting. They’re scared that their cultural Marxist coalition is unraveling, and so they have reduced themselves to desperate antics like what we saw on Easter Sunday to try to placate that unraveling base. To make matters worse, Bobby Kennedy just made it onto the North Carolina ballot!

RFK is hurting Biden at this point; his pivot to the left with his vice presidential pick is already eroding into Biden’s poll numbers for 2024. Now with Kennedy on the ballot in North Carolina, we are pretty safe at this point to write that state off for Biden. He’s officially lost North Carolina. He already was losing it head-to-head with Trump, but now with Kennedy in the race, it’s a guaranteed loss at this point. We can see just how desperate the left is getting by the latest antics Whoopie Goldberg and the ladies at The View are pulling.

The ladies at the View, most particularly the borderline illiterate Whoopie Goldberg, don’t like us asking if we are better off than we were four years ago. They know exactly why that is being asked.

Whoopie is freaking out over the potential for a massive electoral landslide in November based on the economic frustrations and outrage over a deaf and dismissive government that doesn’t give a rip about the concerns and the interests of the people. The latest Fox News poll found that 52% of respondents believe that they are worse off today than they were four years ago. That includes 59% of independents. Only 22% believe they are better off today than they were four years ago. That same poll is giving Trump a 5-point lead over Biden with a 14-point lead among independents. The majority of the nation does not believe they are better off than they were four years ago and all of the left’s attempts at ideological ducking that reality isn’t going to change it.

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