COVID Backlash SURGES: Council BANS Mask Mandates!

City councils are rising against mask mandates, and it’s happening even in the bluest regions in the nation!

– Huntington Beach City Council in California has banned all COVID-19 mandates, including masks and vaccines.

– Scott Adams advocates for consumer politics, encouraging people to boycott corporations that align with mandates.

– The public is prepared to financially oppose the return of COVID-19 mandates through legislation and consumer actions.

The Huntington Beach city council has just voted to ban all COVID-19 mandates from ever resurfacing inside their jurisdiction. The California city just outside of LA reportedly had the first official COVID mandate ban involving both masks and vaccines. This was a formal vote that had to happen in a state like California, given Sacramento’s propensity towards woke totalitarianism. Red state governors are already openly declaring that they won’t tolerate even a hint of COVID mandates coming back in their regions. Several red state governors responded to reports of a DC school reissuing a mask mandate for all students and teachers in response to a spike in COVID cases. Gov Greg Abbott of Texas tweeted out in response: ‘Not going to happen in Texas!’

The Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders likewise responded: ‘This is crazy. Rest assured that as long as I’m Governor, Arkansas will not force our kids to wear masks in school.’ Spencer Cox, governor of Utah has also promised that there will be no mask mandates in his state! Speculation about the return of the mask mandate came after the White House diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre said this:

All the buzzwords are coming back like ‘masking while indoors and CDC guidelines.’All that complete nonsense was just riddled in her answer, so now you have the likes of Senator JD Vance of Ohio preemptively putting forward a bill that would prohibit the president or any federal official from issuing a mask requirement on domestic air travel, public transit systems, or primary and secondary and postsecondary schools. This is all pretty impressive here. City councils are passing formal bans, red state governors are preemptively declaring their states to be mandate sanctuaries.

Dilbert creator and political commentator Scott Adams tweeted, ‘If airlines require masks, we’ll need to bankrupt them. Yes, I know the TSA will be at fault, not the airlines, I don’t care. We have to take down the first corporations that comply. Total destruction.’ Scott Adams is adding to the formal political dimension what’s commonly referred to as consumer politics where more people are mobilizing to vote with their wallets. As corporate America gets increasingly infected by the woke mind virus, more consumers want nothing to do with their products or services because we know that our purchases are funding ideological absurdities that run diametrically counter to our conservative values.

What has happened to companies like Bud Light, Target, Netflix, Disney, and several other major corporations is they are beginning to see a significant portion of their customer base enter into a permanent boycott mode. Bud Light is now admitting they’re never getting their lost customers back. They have offended their customer base with the Dylan Mulvaney ad disaster and, more significantly, the radically condescending comments from the VP of marketing towards Bud Light’s loyal customers. Bud Light has hemorrhaged customers, and they have concluded that they are not coming back. These executives are right; in an age of consumer politics, more customers vote with their dollars.

If these mask mandates come back, we need to be ready to financially bury whoever would dare bring this back, and that includes industries that allow themselves to be bullied by agencies like the TSA. Local city councils, red state sanctuaries, senate bills and an army of tens of millions of consumers all standing together can effectively stand against the return of any mandates!

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