Conservatives are REVIVING Literature and REJECTING Woke DEI Quotas!!

People are tired of having an agenda crammed down their throats and shoved onto their kids. One of the ways that patriots are pushing back against the woke agenda all around us is by rejecting the indoctrination we are seeing in books.

– Mainstream publishers prioritize identity-driven books, but sales are failing, highlighting a demand for quality over quotas.

– The publishing industry’s focus on DEI leads to declining sales and a lack of substance in storytelling.

– Silversmith Publishing fills a gap by supporting authors overlooked by big publishers and providing quality content.

Mainstream publishers at this point are only publishing books by authors in promoted identity groups or that have surrendered to the woke agenda. Despite the push by the publishers, these books are failing. Recently one publisher bought transgender actor Elliot Page’s memoir for three million dollars and it ended up selling less than 68,000 copies. Harry and Megan’s book only sold 9,000 copies in the first week that the book was in America. It was an absolute catastrophe. Patriots have had enough and we want to revive publishing houses that publish works based on quality and merit, not to fulfill a DEI quota.

We are bringing back conservatives creating literature by supporting a publishing company that does not want to only print books to fill leftist media objectives and standards. Silversmith Press, a conservative publishing house, offers these opportunities to conservative writers who have a story within them but do not know where to begin or need to find a publisher that does not reject their worldview.

The publishing industry has gone down the woke DEI path, and we are starting to see many of the top publishing houses declining. People are tired of agendas and forced messaging in media, which we see in the collapse of Disney. They just recycle a bunch of the same storylines and cram DEI and wokeness into their storylines and production. Disney is cratering and other films and studios that do not focus on creating good content but rather focus on messaging and leftist narratives are crumbling all around us. This is happening within the other industries of storytelling and creative works including books and publishing!

Parents do not want their children to be exposed to books with hidden messaging that goes against their views, and sadly that is a lot of kids’ literature today. Adults also do not want to read a book that does not have substance but rather was created with DEI and wokeness in mind. We are seeing less drive toward the woke agenda and more toward normal ideals.

A lot of conservatives are not writing books despite the trend away from leftwing propaganda because many big publishers do not accept books if the author does not have a big following or is not willing to compromise their story. This is why it is so encouraging to see Silversmith Publishing helping so many people publish content and distributing quality books for purchase as well!

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