Congress Member Ilhan Omar Says She’s ‘Somali First, Muslim Second.’

Omar recently gave a speech to Americans in Minnesota in their Somali language, claiming that they are ‘Somali first and Muslim second.’

Omar has a long history of championing Somalia and identifying herself with them primarily. She openly boasts her close relationship with the Somali president and calls Somalia her country despite being a US elected official.

She is also on the record making light of 9/11 and minimizing what happened.

Many commentators and politicians are speaking out and calling for her to be expelled from Congress, citing her remarks as treason. Many have pointed out that the kinds of remarks she has made repeatedly indicate that she is breaking her oath of office and the commitments she had to make to the US when she sought citizenship here. Gov. Ron DeSantis even demanded that she be expelled from Congress AND deported from America over these remarks.

If you want to contact newly elected speaker Mike Johnson about this issue and demand that Omar is expelled from Congress, X account Libs of TikTok shares his phone number in a recent tweet:

He can also be reached by email through his website here.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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