Comedian Silences Heckler with Epic Comeback After Joe Biden Joke!

Comedians around the globe have had enough. They’re pushing back against triggered woke leftists and cancel culture, and you’re about to see one of the best and funniest examples of a woke heckler getting owned!

– Comedian Adam Ray joins a growing chorus of comedians, including Bill Maher and John Cleese, in criticizing the cancel culture and political correctness of the woke left.

– Cleese argues that words depend on context and that organizing society around the sensitivities of easily upset individuals hampers creativity.

– Comedians, along with parents and patriots, are increasingly pushing back against the obnoxious woke left.

Comedian Adam Ray has had it with triggered woke leftists! He’s not alone. Comedians like Bill Maher are increasingly going after the cancel culture insanity of the woke left that seeks to silence comedians and stop them from saying anything that’s even remotely offensive to their neurotic sensibilities. Maher was joined by the British comedian John Cleese pushing back against political correctness and all things woke.

This is all par for the course for both of these guys, particularly for John Cleese. For years now, Cleeze has condemned the particular propensity of woke political correctness to utterly stifle comedic creativity. In a recent interview with the British Channel 4, he said, “PC stuff started out as a good idea, which is, ‘Let’s not be mean to people’, and I’m in favour of that despite my age. The main thing is to try to be kind. But that then becomes a sort of indulgence of the most over-sensitive people in your culture, the people who are most easily upset.

“I don’t think we should organise a society around the sensibilities of the most easily upset people because then you have a very neurotic society. From the point of creativity, if you have to keep thinking which words you can use and which you can’t, then that will stifle creativity. The main thing is to realise that words depend on their context. Very literal-minded people think a word is a word but it isn’t.”

In another interview, Cleese said that cancel culture ends up taking the fun out of life, and it stifles the profound social and cultural critiques that are embedded in humor. Cleese developed this profound insight in a spot he did for Big Think a couple of years ago.

John Cleese is absolutely spot on here, and his critique is part of this massive and continuously growing backlash against all things politically correct! Adam Ray is hardly alone. It looks like comedians, together with parents and patriots all across the nation, have had it with woke leftists. In perhaps the biggest irony of ironies, cancel culture is now coming for them!

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