Cohen Admits He Stole Money From Trump!

On Monday, Alvin Bragg’s case collapsed. CNN reported that Monday’s testimony from Michael Cohen was a bomb that blew up the entire prosecution!

– Cohen lied about his involvement in the payments and his communication with Trump’s team.

– He also admitted to stealing money from Trump’s campaign.

– The leftwing media is admitting that Cohen was supposed to make Trump look guilty, but instead proved the ridiculousness of this trial.

Michael Cohen was lying about what he was doing for Trump. He has now admitted that he has pocketed some of the money from Trump’s team. This is crushing to the prosecution. Cohen, their star witness, cannot be trusted. CNN is openly admitting that he cannot be believed, and the jury is likely to feel the same way.

The classic response from the swamp, when asked questions in a court, is ‘I don’t recall,’ and an anchor from CNN bemoaned the fact that Cohen admitted that he stole money rather than stating that he did not remember! Cohen was supposed to be the witness who would crush Trump and expose his wrongdoings, but he has ‘botched’ the testimonies according to those on the left. On Thursday, the prosecution’s entire case attempting to establish Trump’s direct link to the hush money payment came crashing down after Michael Cohen could only allege that he made a phone call to the Trump team to let them know that the hush money payment was made.

Trump’s defense attorney showed Michael Cohen the records of the day he claimed to have made the call, and they did not show any call history to Trump’s team. Instead, these phone records showed that he was trying to send the Secret Service after a 14-year-old prank called him on the day he claimed to have called the Trump team about this. Cohen also said that he never asked Trump to pardon him. However, the Trump team revealed a letter where Cohen asked Trump to pardon him.

So Cohen was caught in two blatant lies on Thursday. The judge is going to have to instruct the jury that if they believe any of the witnesses were lying at any point in their testimonies they are to disregard the whole of their testimony. Cohen has torpedoed the direct link that the prosecution had between Trump and the hush money payment.

On Monday, Cohen admitted that he was stealing money from Trump. Under cross-examination, he confessed to embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump organization. He admitted to being engaged in larceny, which many have noted is a much more serious crime than what Trump is being accused of.

The defense is likely going to ask this judge for a directed verdict in Trump’s favor. This would bypass the jury, and the judge would personally declare Trump not guilty on the basis that he has determined that the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction. The conviction would be overturned upon appeal, so he wouldn’t even give it to the jury. This judge may not allow this because the case is a setup only designed to harm Trump, so he may just go along with it. If both the judge and jury are corrupted and bought and do not stop this utter madness, there are still several ways that Trump can appeal this case, but it is only going to help him and harm the left if the leftist judges and juries keep trying to convict him!

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