CNN PANICS over Trump’s Support Among City Voters!

The Democrats and the legacy media are panicked. CNN’s response to Trump’s increasing support in cities was shocking!

– Democrats are panicked over Trump’s rally in the Bronx.

– CNN’s chief data analyst Harry Enten warned about the rising political coalition.

– Trump is currently in his strongest polling position ever for winning the presidency.

The Democrats are panicked over what happened in the Bronx. Even CNN admitted that something unprecedented is happening here:

They were admitting that his massive crowd was organic and that the crowd was mostly locals. That’s not the answer Anderson wanted to hear! CNN’s chief data analyst Harry Enten sounded the alarm on this new rising political coalition:

The key here is that Trump doesn’t have to win the non-white vote. That’s not the goal here. He only has to cut in enough on Biden’s margins with non-whites to politically destroy Biden. We have been talking about the political sweet spot for Trump. He’s galvanizing the rural white vote and at the same time, he is getting record support from the non-white vote. Trump is maximizing the rural white vote like he did in 2016 and 2020.

We are seeing this in the polls, with Trump running away with this, especially in the swing states. The latest electoral map from 538, Nate Silver’s organization, shows that if we average out all of the polls that have been taken over the last several months, particularly in battleground states, Trump is crushing Biden with 312 electoral votes. That’s 8 electoral votes more than what Trump got in 2016. He was the first Republican to get over 300 electoral votes since 1988.

538 average polling in May is generally determinative of who is going to win in November. On May 23rd 2020, Biden had a 4.3% lead over Trump, and he ended up winning with 4.5. That’s been the pattern we’ve seen in most election cycles. But Trump today is polling stronger than he has ever polled and is in a better position to win the presidency than he has ever been in. It is because this new political coalition that has been years in the making finally appears to be rising to once and for all Make America Great Again!

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