CNN Alarm as Trump’s 2024 Surge Grows!

The woke leftists at CNN are panicking. Trump is crushing it, and the indictments that were designed specifically to take him out are only making him stronger!

– Independents now strongly support Trump despite earlier predictions of rejection due to indictments.

– Trump and Biden tied at 44 points in the latest Emerson poll, a significant shift from past predictions.

– A supermajority is emerging against weaponized legalism, possibly boosting Trump’s support across party lines.

Independents are now solidly behind Trump. These were supposedly the voters that were going to reject Trump because of the indictments. The indictments were supposed to guarantee independents going for Sleepy Joe since they would be so turned off by an indicted or convicted candidate. However, a nightmare scenario seems to be happening for the Democrats, which is having the opposite effect. According to the latest NPR/Marist poll, Trump is beating Biden with independents by nearly 10 points.

Trump has an 8-point lead over Biden among independents. The latest from Emerson shows Biden and Trump tied with 44 points. In November of 2020, Emerson had Trump down by 5 in their last poll before the election. Emerson had Biden leading Trump by 9 in Florida, and Trump went on to crush Biden in Florida. According to all the polls back in November of 2020, Biden was supposed to stomp President Trump. He was supposed to beat Trump by 14 points in Wisconsin, he was supposed to win in North Carolina, and there were even polls that showed Texas was in play. Even with all the shenanigans, Biden barely squeaked by, winning by just a handful of votes.

The commentators on CNN are beginning to recognize that if Biden barely squeaked by with a double-digit lead over Trump in the polls, he will likely crush Biden since they are tied or he is leading in all the polls now. With Trump tying or even leading Biden in virtually all the polls, with this massive double-digit swing towards Trump, that means nothing short of an electoral landslide.

The Hill has a fascinating piece that I think explains precisely the kind of angst or panic that CNN is going through right now. The article was written by Douglas MacKinnon, a former speechwriter for President Reagan and Bush, a guy who knows a lot about what’s going on inside the beltway, and he’s admitting here that the Democrats are starting to freak out. He argues that according to the conventional wisdom in Washington, the indictments were supposed to do 2 things: galvanize support for Trump among his more ardent defenders, guaranteeing him the nomination and shutting out the likes of DeSantis, and crush Trump in the general election. Most voters, particularly independents, would be completely turned off by an indicted or convicted candidate.

The operative theory was that DeSantis was unbeatable and he would crush Biden in the general election, so the way DeSantis was sidelined was by galvanizing Trump’s most loyal core voters. This happened by making them feel like Trump is under attack. It’s known as the process of segmentary oppositions where external threats breed internal solidarity, so, according to this article, that plan is working at the first level. The indictments are galvanizing support for Trump INSIDE the GOP. However, to the horror of Democrats, the plan isn’t just not working at the second level, turning non-Republican voters against Trump; it appears to be backfiring.

The indictments now appear to be making Trump sympathetic to voters who were once over him, and a potential martyr to others. This is exactly what many have been predicting from the moment that Soros-backed corrupt Manhattan DA indicted him. To a growing number of voters and legal experts, the latest indictment of Trump particularly crossed a line where it now seems as if charges are being invented simply to get him. It’s weaponized legalism, and more people than ever recognize that the criminal justice system has become a weapon in targeting political opponents by a corrupt deep state. Trafalgar polling recently found that 79% of Americans believe that we live in a two-tiered justice system that protects the establishment at the expense of average citizens.

The most recent Harvard/Harris poll found that 55% of the population believes that the federal indictment against President Trump is politically motivated. 56% believe that this is deliberate interference in the 2024 election by Biden’s justice department. To the Democrats’ horror, a supermajority is emerging that’s ready to push back against this weaponized legalism and restore the rule of law! Ultimately, this may be why Trump is so obviously crushing it here. More voters are galvanizing around Trump, and it’s not just Republicans. The Democrats may have just sealed their fate!

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