CNN Admits Biden’s Chances are Looking Worse!

CNN, the most distrusted name in fake news, is openly admitting that Democrats are panicked over Biden. They are seeing his polls just keep going down. There appears to be no recovery in sight, and we are going to see exactly why Biden’s reelection hopes are collapsing by the day.

– Van Jones, who previously celebrated Biden’s 2020 “victory,” is now expressing concern about Biden’s declining performance and leadership.

– Democrats are growing increasingly worried about Biden’s chances in the 2024 election as his weaknesses become more apparent.

– Biden’s age, cognitive condition, and alienation of traditional non-white Democratic constituents are contributing to his political decline, which even the legacy media acknowledges.

Van Jones, the man who openly wept when Biden ‘won’ in 2020 is now crying at the realization that Biden is falling apart.

Biden himself claimed in his book that he was in DC at the time. C-SPAN’s records corroborate that account. Biden was not in New York the day after the attacks. He just blatantly lied, but he also doesn’t even know where he is half the time. He wanders off during ceremonies and interviews; he just picks up and leaves. He looks so old and squints around looking confused. He shuffles his steps like an old man, and he can barely utter a coherent sentence let alone put more than two sentences together.

The Wall Street Journal poll was pretty shocking for the legacy media. It was released over the Labor Day weekend. Georgie Stephanopolous called it absolutely ‘shocking.’ The poll found that 75% of voters think Biden’s too old to be president. 69% of Democrats agree with this, and 60% of all voters believe Biden is not mentally fit for the job. This is beyond repair. That is why Van Jones is saying that Democrats are getting ‘terrified’ with Biden’s prospects for 2024.

The weaker Biden looks, the stronger 3rd party candidates like Cornel West get. David Axelrod is admitting that Cornel West, the Green Party candidate, is nipping at Biden’s heels, and he’s costing Biden upwards of 5% support, which will be devastating in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin, which Biden needs to win. The weaker he gets, the more emboldened 3rd party candidates get.

Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit noticed a trend of voters’ disapproval of Biden in key demographics for Democrats. Trump won 12% of the black vote in 2020, a historic high for the Republican candidate, but according to Rich, Trump is polling at an astonishing 19% among blacks. It’s not just Rich’s polling. We are seeing this in the latest poll from Fox. Trump is polling at 20% among Blacks, with Biden collapsing 30 points, from 91% support in 2020 to just 61% today.

The New York Times just published a panicked piece. Their analysis has concluded that Biden’s polling numbers among black and Hispanic Democrats are the worst since the Walter Mondale presidential debacle in 1984. Democrat analysts haven’t seen this low of support for a Democrat presidential candidate among blacks and Latinos since Mondale. This is the trend that we have been following for months. The non-white working class is defecting away from Biden in record numbers, and they are all going to Trump. Biden is too old, too senile, and too far removed from the Democrats’ traditional non-white constituency. Biden is politically imploding, and even the legacy media had no choice but to admit it!

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