Clash of Values: Muslim Students Disrupt LGBT Event in Belgium!

We have another example of how the political left is unraveling all around the world! The rejection of wokeness seems to be a common theme among many religious groups around the world!

– Muslim students disrupted an LGBT pride event in Belgium.

– Similar tensions were observed in a school board meeting in Dearborn, Michigan, with Muslim parents opposing explicit LGBT content in books.

– The success of liberalism in achieving its goals of minority power paradoxically contributes to its demise.

Over the weekend, a video emerged showing several Muslim students shutting down an LGBT pride event in Belgium. The event took place at the Atlas College in the Belgian city of Jenk, where an event commemorating the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia was suddenly interrupted by over a hundred young Muslim students who swarmed vendor tables, hurled bottles, and spit on the number of rainbow flags and displays, all while chanting Allah Akbar.

In this video footage, teachers and staff were powerless to stop the students from disrupting the LGBT event. It was reported that as soon as class bells rang, most of the students returned to class and the situation de-escalated, but not before a very clear message was sent: LGBT activism is not in the least compatible with Islam, as far as these Muslim students were concerned. People can have one or the other, but they can not have both.

Belgium as a nation has changed dramatically over the last decade. Officials there have been at the forefront of the European left’s open borders policies. Not only is a third of Belgium foreign-born, but in Brussels, Belgians are the minority. 80% of the population there is foreign-born. And amid this surge in migration, the number one foreign group to relocate to Belgium has been Moroccans, who are overwhelmingly Muslim. One report claimed that the most popular baby name in Brussels is now Mohammad. According to the Rair Foundation, the most popular names for male babies in over a dozen municipalities throughout Brussels are all Islamic.

We are beginning to see what happens when the open borders policies of leftwing politicians coincide with their equal commitment to liberal lifestyle values and LGBT activism. We saw something like this a few months ago in an explosive local school board meeting in the city of Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is the most densely Muslim-populated area in the United States, and this is the scene of what happened when these parents got word that books involving explicit LGBT content were being given to their kids:

This was happening in one of the bluest of blue districts in the nation. Dearborn votes 70% Democrat. This district is rising and pushing back against one of the other major constituencies of the Democratic Party, and in this case, that is the LGBT community. We are seeing the unraveling of the political left. It is unraveling because of the inherent contradictions innate to leftwing liberalism.

To understand why the modern left is unraveling, we have to understand cultural Marxism and its radical internal flaws. Cultural Marxists deliberately attempt to bifurcate Western society into two groups of people: a victimizer group and a victim group; an oppressor group and an oppressed group. The oppressor group is assumed to be monolithic, so, in our case, that oppressor group is white male Christians and the oppressed group is a coalition of minorities who together ultimately create a majority. The majority of minorities in this context have the ultimate goal to overthrow the majority in terms of who has ultimate political power.

Leftwing liberals try to embrace both LGBT rights on the one hand and special treatment and favored status for Muslims on the other. In the ideology of the cultural Marxist, both the LGBT community and the Muslim community are the recipients historically of repression and discrimination in the West. So the cultural Marxist ends up embracing two fundamentally different communities built on fundamentally different moral systems and commitments.

One is characterized by traditional religiosity, while the other is characterized by secular lifestyle values, but they’re both united by their shared identity as supposedly oppressed minorities. This leads to the question: what happens when both groups start to achieve numerical and political power? What happens when liberalism is successful, both the minority oppressed groups end up achieving some pretty impressive political power, what happens?

What happens, in this case, is they stop being oppressed. They stop seeing themselves as oppressed, and the moment they stop seeing themselves as oppressed, they lose their common identity. Once they lose their common identity, their natural animosity towards one another takes over. That is exactly what we saw in Belgium, Dearborn, and a host of other areas around the world. The more successful liberalism is in achieving its goals, the more rapidly it unravels and implodes in on itself! It may look like liberalism is winning all over the West, but given its inherent futilities, that only means it loses even sooner.

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