Chris Cuomo ADMITS Biden CENSORS Political Opponents!

Ever since his recent appearance on Tucker Carlson, Chris Cuomo, formerly of CNN, has been speaking to a number of voices on the other side of the political spectrum than him and has made some pretty shocking admissions. Most recently he went on with Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment and effectively agreed with recent comments from Bobby Kennedy Jr. about how Biden is more of a “danger to democracy” than Donald Trump.

Cuomo admits that this is why Kennedy is not regularly seen on the mainstream networks! Biden has not only weaponized the legal system against Trump but has refused secret service protection for Bobby Kennedy. Chris also draws attention to his censorious policies towards information that went against Big Pharma regarding COVID and the vaccines. This story is not just interesting due to Cuomo’s position on the left, however, but also is its own story about “cancellation”.

Cuomo was fired from CNN in late 2021 due to “MeToo” style allegations from multiple female coworkers. Cuomo eventually bounced back with his new show on NewsNation and, as mentioned before, has become somewhat of a regular on a number of conservative and independent outlets. We saw Don Lemon’s deal with Elon Musk collapse despite Musk’s attempting to platform people from all across the political spectrum on X. Lemon spat in the face of this gesture and will likely fade into irrelevance whereas Cuomo seems to be playing smarter.

Cuomo sees the writing on the walls. The legacy media is a few years away from total viewership implosion and it is those already building platforms online and across decentralized networks that will be the first to rise as the legacy technology fades into obscurity. Cuomo sees a chance both to rebrand himself as a more honest type of liberal while also becoming one of the more popular left wing voices in the emerging new media sphere. Of course hew is still a rabid anti-Trump loon who plays dumb when presented with the anger people have towards modernity; but he appears to at least be willing to criticize legacy media and support people like RFK Jr.

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Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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