China and Russia ALLIANCE Growing Stronger!

Dr. Steve discusses the growing alliance between Russia and China with Turley Talks Staff Writer Conrad Franz and how it actually is a resurgence of two ancient types of civilization, finally coming together!

-China is now fully in Russia’s camp regarding the Ukraine crisis

-The Taiwan issue is directly analogous to Russia’s struggle in Ukraine

-China’s fast growing Navy and Russia’s land dominance are paving the way for a Eurasian superpower alliance…

Conrad: One of the things you and I talk about all the time is Heartland theory, Eurasia, you gave a good explanation of the geography behind all of that just now and how control of Africa/Eurasia and the world island is necessary for control over the planet as the technocrats have always wanted to. But we’ve now seen Russia and China effectively forced into a powerful alliance, due to their territorial disputes with the globalist cabal. You just said, one of the reasons China’s watching this so carefully is because they’re nervous about new precedent being set on the reintegration of former territories. They see the Ukraine and Taiwan situations as very similar, which they obviously are. And so I’m wondering, one of the big things we’re seeing is things like the Power of Siberia 2 pipeline being built. It will be one of the largest pipelines in the world and is going to be pumping Russian oil from their biggest oil fields right down to China, not even through Kazakhstan, or Mongolia, directly into China. And this is some of the biggest decoupling we’ve seen from the globalist system. Do you think the US sort of memed this alliance into reality? Because it was going to happen based on this reaction, but Russia and China are not natural allies. So I think this is entirely a creation of the type of nonsense we have seen from Ted Cruz thinking that they can ideologically govern the world.

Dr. Steve: Yeah I think you’re absolutely correct. And it seems to me the key here to what we’re seeing with Russia and China is…. it’s the unification of the two classical geopolitical societies. Technically known as Thalassocracies and Telurocracy’s (the fancy shmancy words that designate Sea powers and Land powers). And the interesting theory here is that societies that are built on the coastal elite cities, societies built on the sea, tend to operate by very different cultures than those that are built in the heartland, which is very fixed, it’s right there. Heartland societies tend to be traditional because they’re part of a land that doesn’t change or is part of a seasonal rhythm, a cyclical rhythm. The land exemplifies permanence, which is reflected in its culture. And again, I think cultural anthropology gives some credence to this. It’s a theory. It’s a very, very old theory. It’s very cold, classical geopolitics. Sea oriented cultures just tend to be very different. They’re generally in flux. They love change, fluidity.

Conrad: It’s Sparta vs. Athens

Dr. Steve: Yeah, exactly. Sparta being a very land oriented society, right. It’s just the sea is constantly moving. It’s got a hard center. I like the term astronaut. To help us there. Astro Nautilus. But the Nautilus is where we get nautical or navigation from. So the astronaut is floating through space has no center, no gravity, like the sea. So the politics that tend to derive from these two contrasting spaces, land and sea are often very different. But what’s happening with Eurasia? To me what’s so fascinating, and I think you’re absolutely right and what’s so ironic is how we have basically created this by virtue of our own arrogance and incompetence. But the key here is we are seeing the unification of land and sea because China, remember, is fast building up what may be the single most impressive blue ocean Navy the world could have ever imagined. So our own Navy Secretary said recently that there’s no way that our Navy can even remotely keep up with China’s warship building. I think they’re now officially the single largest Navy in the world. They have 340 warships. We have 300. But they could triple that number in like 10 years. I mean, we can’t even remotely compete with this. So this Russia, China Alliance is, in fact, coming from a classical geopolitical conception of the world. This Eurasian alliance is uniting together land and sea power, like we’ve never seen, like we never even imagined. And that will, by definition, be the official end, recognized all over the world over, of the liberal world order. That’s it, it’s done. And that, ironically, will be Biden’s lasting legacy.

Conrad: China historically, you know, the Qing Dynasty, these were the land powers in East Asia, but emerging as a sea power. It’s so interesting because for those that don’t know, to think about the Thalassocracy versus the Telurocracy in the context of the last 300 years, that was ultimately the triumph of the British Empire, and then the American system with its powerful navy that we just talked about…all around the world. The first challenges came and we wiped out the Russian empire through the British communist proxies after World War One. Then Germany, we didn’t fully destroy in World War One, it was ultimately totally dismantled in World War Two taken over by the communists, and those were the two land empires of Europe. I guess you could also include the Austro-Hungarian Empire falling after WWI. And that is what the 20th century was all about.

Dr. Steve: Exactly. The triumph of Thalassocracy. The 19th and 20th century were two Thalassocratic centuries. And now with Russia as the number one energy/food exporting nation in the world and China as the number one manufacturing nation in the world, with one of the most powerful land armies on the planet, and one of the most powerful and growing Navy’s in the world. They’re coming together and bringing a Thalassocratic and Telurocratic society together in a way that I don’t think we’ve seen in centuries. So we really are entering a whole new world.

Conrad: I think on that same note on the homefront, to maybe start wrapping this up, it’s important to recognize that what Trump was doing and what you’re doing with America first is …we’re bringing ourselves back into being our own land empire on the North American continent. We stretch across 1000s of miles from sea to shining sea with so much heartland, do we really need to be this outward facing sea power that just sends troops super far away across the vast oceans that protect us? Or should we focus on our own people and what we’re doing here? I think that’s what people tuning in to Turley Talks and what all of us here, I think that’s a good explanation of what we’re going towards in that civilizational context.

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