CHAOS Unfolds at a Democrat Convention in Minneapolis!!

We are going to get a front-row seat to the utter chaos that erupted at a Democrat Convention over the weekend! It is mind-blowing!

– A Democratic convention in Minneapolis turned chaotic!

– This incident highlights the deteriorated state of Minneapolis’ politics, characterized by the disbanding of the police department and an increase in crime.

– The city has seen a surge in crime as many police officers have quit.

Last Saturday, a Democrat-endorsing convention was the stage for a bizarre scene that resulted in at least one person being sent to the hospital. The convention for the Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, or the DFL, which is a Democrat-aligned leftwing party, descended into utter chaos. Supporters of a city council member took to the stage during the proceedings and ended up enraging the supporters of her opponent. All hell broke loose!

This is just the tip of the iceberg in the incredibly dilapidated state of Minneapolis’ politics. You may recall that Minneapolis is home to the far-left city council that voted unanimously a few years ago to disband the Minneapolis police department and replace it with some kind of nebulous community model. They never quite explained how such a community model would work, but it didn’t matter. Crime skyrocketed throughout Minneapolis. Things were so bad in this Democrat-run monopoly that the Minneapolis police department officially announced that the citizens of Minneapolis ought to expect to get mugged and robbed. Law and order had broken down in Minneapolis to the point that those who lived there should expect to be crime victims.

At this time, preposterous headlines filled the local news like, ‘Minneapolis police tell residents to obey criminals and ‘be prepared’ to be robbed!’ This isn’t a city inside a failed state like Mogadishu, This is Minneapolis. But what it did is prove that when you have a city run by liberal narcissist psychopaths on a city council, you end up with a city where the police chief stands up and publicly declares that citizens need to obey the criminals. With this kind of feckless leadership, crime of all kinds has surged beyond comprehension in Minneapolis. Auto thefts jumped 46%, robberies have soared 36%, and shootings and homicides rose also.

A record number of police officers have quit after being thrown under the bus by all the George Floyd insanity. Now, a few years later, the Minneapolis police department is still struggling to recruit. The last estimate was that the entire city of Minneapolis only had about 600 police officers available to work, which represented an astounding 25% reduction in the police force since the George Floyd riots. Minneapolis is, in many respects, the very definition of a failed state. As you can see from that video, this failure stems from a political source– The Democratic Party.

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