California Patriot MILITIA Ready for CIVIL WAR!

Shasta County, California in the picturesque Sacramento Valley is home to the cities of Redding, Anderson, and Shasta Lake, along with some of the most beautiful sights in California. Recently, Shasta County has become famous for something more. It’s now the home of a powerful patriot movement that promises to sweep up much of the Golden State, and it has woke liberals absolutely petrified!

– Shasta County, a traditionally conservative area in California, saw significant political changes due to opposition against COVID mandates.

– Shasta County became a second amendment sanctuary, banned Dominion voting machines, and aimed to secede from Sacramento to form its state, Jefferson.

– The Pacific Northwest, typically left-leaning, is experiencing a shift towards more conservative and patriot-based movements.

Shasta County has always been a reliably conservative county. Nearly 70% of its residents voted to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom. While the county has always been reliably conservative, its political leaders were not always explicitly patriot-based representatives dedicated to the defense and promotion of the eternal values of faith, family, and freedom. But all of that changed with the coming of COVID mandates.

One of the members of the board of supervisors for Shasta County, a Republican and former police officer named Leonard Moty, was targeted for recall by three groups that are extremely influential in Shasta County politics: Second Amendment supporters, COVID-19 mandate opponents, and what’s known as the State of Jefferson movement. This is a collection of counties in northern California that want to create their state. Moty’s crime, as far as his constituents were concerned, was that he was a Republican in Name Only. He was weak in the face of the draconian mandates coming down from Sacramento and refused to push back.

He allowed businesses to be shut down and the community adversely affected. Moty was soundly defeated, and the board of supervisors successfully secured a super majority of members all backed by the Cottonwood Militia, which is a local chapter of the larger California State Militia. This is a highly self-sufficient political model with citizen-based law enforcement. Now that lockdowns are over, this new patriot society has even bigger targets. One of the first things they did was they banned Dominion voting machines and returned Shasta to traditional ballot-box voting. They then declared Shasta County to be a Second Amendment sanctuary and in effect overturned California’s unconstitutional gun laws.

Their most ambitious target was strategizing on how to effectively secede from Sacramento and form their sovereign state known as Jefferson. It’s an extraordinarily ambitious agenda and were it limited to a single county, the woke left would most likely dismiss it. They are panicking that Shasta County is becoming a model for other California counties around the nation. The organizers of this patriot revolt in Shasta County have put together a blueprint of how they took back their county to inspire counties all across the nation to do the same.

It is called Red, White, and Blueprint. It’s an organization founded by Carlos Zapata, a retired Marine, militia member, and restaurateur who has been busy recruiting neighboring counties to implement the Red, White, and Blueprint strategy to reclaim their respective governments. That is exactly what is happening. This Red, White, and Blueprint is now being utilized to overthrow county school boards all across California and, increasingly, around the nation. Zapata is reporting that over 60 counties have reached out to learn how to follow the Red White and Blueprint template to take over their respective governments.

The momentum is so strong that Oregon Public Broadcasting recently featured a panicked piece on the rise of the ‘far right’ and how they’re taking over the northwest. It’s a fascinating piece because in many respects it summarizes a number of trends that collectively suggest that the Pacific Northwest, generally known as one of the most reliably leftwing parts of the country, is beginning to transform into a powerful and vibrant lifeworld for patriots.

The article highlights in particular the rise of a patriot militia known as People’s Rights, which is a civilian-based first-responder organization that has surged in membership across the nation. It was founded by Ammon Bundy in rural Idaho in March 2020. Bundy had standoffs with federal agents in Nevada and Oregon over private property rights and federal jurisdiction. He founded People’s Rights to function like a ‘neighborhood watch on steroids.’ But of course, the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers have a significant presence in and around Portland. And the two-fold trend that we are seeing is that more law enforcement members are getting involved in the patriot militias as active members.

For example, Proud Boy member Dan Tooze was recently elected vice chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party in Oregon. Ammon Bundy came in third in the Idaho governor’s race, getting over a hundred thousand votes. There’s no question: something is happening here at the county level, particularly in the northwest. It looks like we’ll all be thanking Shasta County for getting it started!

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