CA Lawmakers Decide Elephants Deserve MORE RIGHTS Than HUMANS!?

On Thursday, the California City Oaji became the first city to decide that elephants have rights comparable to human rights. This concept is baffling, but within the perspective of Western ideology, it sadly makes sense. Human life is being so significantly degraded and devalued in Western society that many extremists are unable to understand that animals are not at the same level of significance or moral value as humans.

As Christians, we understand that God gave mankind dominion over animals and made humans in the image and likeness of himself and did not create animals in this same way. Christians also understand that the proper stewardship of the earth and animals is a serious responsibility that God entrusted to humankind. Animals should be treated with value as creations of God. However, many extremists and confused people have elevated animals above their value. Simultaneously, this community degrades human life to the point that confusion exists about the value of animal and human life as comparable.

Based on reports from animal researchers, the new legislation determined that elephants ‘have long-term memory, the ability to learn, self-awareness and empathy, the animals deserve similar rights to those of human beings.’ Leslie Rule, the councilwoman who first proposed this new law, said its purpose is to “codify an elephant’s fundamental right to bodily liberty.” I suppose we should note that, according to California legislators, an animal deserves a fundamental right to bodily liberty but a human being in the womb should not ever be considered to be a person or have bodily liberty. Additionally, elephants also may be able to avoid vaccinations, unlike regular people who are deemed racist conspiracy theorist science deniers when they wish to exercise their own bodily liberty. Perhaps if vaccination requirements come back around, a proposed solution for persons who wish to choose to not receive a COVID shot can be identifying as an elephant.

We have seen a disturbing trend towards the elevation of pets over the past few years. More American households have pets than children according to a recent report. More people have also maintained disturbing emotional relationships with their pets which is seen in the drastic rise of ‘emotional support pets.’ ESA animals can be any kind of pet, and there is no process for official registration. A licensed therapist must determine that a patient suffers from some kind of mental condition and that the presence of their animal makes their condition better, but after that, no further documentation or training for the animal is needed.

Bizarre animals have become emotional support pets, including skunks, chipmunks, and crocodiles. Emotional support animals have caused unacceptable chaos, particularly in airports as people attempt to bring their ridiculous and untrained animals into public spaces which have resulted in countless serious injuries. Americans have become increasingly entitled to their pets with many seeking to make their pet an ESA and take them to places where pets are not allowed. It seems that many people have essentially replaced the presence of children in their lives with pets as they want to take their pets with them everywhere and form extremely close emotional connections with their pets.

As pets have become increasingly idolized by Western society, the value of the life of babies has been diminished through abortion, the rejection of babies in the womb as human, and increasingly rigorous ‘family planning’ methods. Children are being viewed as an inconvenience and burden to push off while pets are being glamorized and worshiped. This fundamental rejection of reality by inverting a normal understanding of pets and children is just another mark of the left’s departure from sanity.

The people who have raised the value of their pets and have formed absurd emotional connections to animals have also largely rejected the value of children. Fewer people are repopulating than ever in America. This means that the people who are currently reproducing actually value children and human life. The majority of people currently reproducing in America are religious. It is only a matter of time before the part of society that promotes extreme emotional connections to animals and values animal life and ‘rights’ over those of babies dies off as the pets these people are prioritizing will not continue their family line or their way of thinking. When this finally happens, the traditional, rational population that understands the value of human life will be the vast majority of the future generations.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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