Bukele Has His Cabinet INVESTIGATED for BRIBERY!

The President of El Salvador, the amazing Nayib Bukele, announced to his entire cabinet that they are all being investigated for corruption! This is just par for the course for this amazing president who has fast become one of the most important international leaders of civilizational populism that’s taking over more of the world!

– President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador vows not to leave a legacy tainted by corruption, initiating investigations into his cabinet.

– Bukele, a civilizational populist, won reelection with an unprecedented 85% of the vote, leading the nationalist-populist New Ideas party.

– His efforts have transformed El Salvador, once plagued by violence and gang control, into a safer and more stable nation.

The Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele told his cabinet that one thing he fears most of all is leaving a bad legacy. “I will not be the President who did not steal, but surrounded himself with thieves.” He brought with him the Attorney General of El Salvador and called on him to investigate every single member of his cabinet for corruption.

Nayib Bukele is a civilizational populist who won reelection in a historic landslide. When all the votes were counted, Bukele won with an unprecedented 85% of the vote, and his party, the New Ideas party, which is a hardcore nationalist populist party won almost every seat in their national legislature. El Salvador’s new mega-prison or super prison that President Bukele had built to house upwards of 40 thousand prisoners at a single time!

A few years ago, when Bukele first ran for president, he ran as a populist outsider who campaigned on draining the swamp in Salvadoran politics and restoring law and order to what had become one of the most violent nations in the world. At one point, El Salvador had the highest murder rate in the entire world, averaging one murder per hour. Drug cartels and gangs controlled everything. The government became little more than a passive spectator. But now, with Bukele at the helm, all of that has come to a dramatic end. The homicide rate in El Salvador has plummeted.

Before Bukele came to power, El Salvador averaged 108 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the highest in the world. The murder rate today is now just 8 murders per 100,000! The murder rate has dropped by more than 90%! One of the reasons for the dramatic drop in murder rates is Bukele’s creation of what’s being called a super prison that houses upwards of 40,000 prisoners, many of whom are in prison for the next 40 years for gang-related activity. Bukele’s massive crackdown on violent crime has resulted in the arrest of over 64,000 violent criminals, and it’s changing El Salvador like never before. This is the legacy that Bukele, as we heard, is so determined to protect!

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