Border Dispute SPLITTING the Nation!

The border dispute is splitting the country in half. We have seen 25 governors as of the latest count who have formally declared their solidarity with Texas.

– Red states are standing with Texas in supporting its right to defend the southern border, marking the rise of ‘sanctuary states’ creating barriers against federal government dysfunction.

– Texas divides the Democrat Party, forcing the Biden administration into a no-win situation on border enforcement, resulting in significant political damage.

– Biden’s approval plummets to 33%, with immigration surpassing inflation as the top voter concern, and 70% blaming Biden for worsening the situation, according to polls.

This map shows all the states that are currently standing with Texas, pledging their assistance in supporting Texas’ right to defend its southern border and their state sovereignty:

What we are seeing here, perhaps more explicitly than ever, is the rise of ‘sanctuary states,’ which are deep red states that are putting up administrative and legal barriers between their citizens and the dysfunctional lunatics that run Washington DC. Red states are collectively forming a massive, fortified sanctuary from the federal government itself.

Biden is politically hemorrhaging over this. Even though what Abbott is doing is the morally and constitutionally right thing to do, he has the political high ground. Abbott has been sending illegal immigrants to New York and Chicago. He has bussed hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to woke virtue-signaling self-proclaimed sanctuary cities. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, actually campaigned to make New York more of a sanctuary city. He doubled down on taking in illegal migrants in New York. Governor Greg Abbott didn’t just make Adams eat those words, he made him choke on them!

Adams is crying for help as New York’s social services are on the verge of collapse because of the amount of illegals that have overwhelmed the city. One report states that 50% of all hotel vacancies are being taken up by illegal migrants in New York. This is the same with Chicago and Denver. Democrat mayors are pleading with the Biden administration to seal the border and get the deluge of illegal border crossings under control or else their cities are going to collapse! In the midst of all of this, their own Democrat voters are rising against them. Illegal immigration is causing Democrats to lose their voters!

Democrats are demanding that their district and municipality be protected from illegal migrants. Democrat voters are turning on their own Democrat mayors. Illegal immigration is causing Democrats to lose their voters. Greg Abbott did this. He has effectively divided the Democrat Party and caused a civil war to erupt inside that party between mayors and constituents who want the border sealed and secured and the Biden administration that continues to deliberately abdicate its law enforcement responsibilities!

He is now forcing the Biden administration in front of the eyes of the entire nation to enforce an open border. Abbott is forcing the Biden administration into a no-win situation. They look weak if they don’t respond to Texas’s supposed provocation, and they look insane if they do respond and force the breaking open of the border to allow illegal migrants to pour into the nation by the hundreds of thousands. Either way, Texas gains, and Biden loses.

Now we are beginning to see the political damage happen in real time. The political damage that Biden is currently suffering over all of this is incalculable. The latest from Pew Research shows that Biden’s approval has slumped to the low 30s. He is at 33% approval. 48% of blacks approve of Biden and 49% disapprove. 32% of Latinos approve of Biden, while 65% disapprove. His approval among Gen Z is in the 20s, and his disapproval is 71%. This is the very definition of a polling implosion!

The New York Post explains that immigration surpassed inflation as the number one voter concern. According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, 35% rank illegal immigration as the nation’s top concern, jumping seven points since last month. The overwhelming majority blame Biden for worsening the situation. 70%, a supermajority, want the government to crack down and stop illegal immigration. Texas Gov Greg Abbott has put Biden in a no-win situation!

Somehow, according to Joy Reid of MSNBC, this is all a big win.

This is the very definition of delusional. Those radical woke Marxist ideologues are utterly absurd. The reality that exists outside of their ideological echo chamber is that the open border is politically bleeding Biden. This is the very last issue that he would ever want on the front page. They likely know this, which is why they are making these tortured arguments that Texas Republicans are breaking the law amid their defense of it.

Even the Hill is admitting that this is destroying Biden. The southern border is politically bleeding Biden to the point of no recovery! If he doesn’t follow up with this threat that you have 24 hours to give us control of the razor wires, he looks pathetically weak, and if he does follow throw and force federal agents in to cut the wires to open up the borders to an endless stream of illegals, he looks lawlessly insane! Either way, Biden is cooked.

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