BlackRock’s CEO Thinks Population Decline is GOOD?!

Larry Fink, the CEO of the trillion-dollar investment firm BlackRock is turning heads yet again. He made comments at the World Economic Forum that were controversial.

– Larry Fink and Elon Musk hold divergent views on population decline and its implications for civilization.

– Historically, human populations have thrived in warmer climates, but the current ruling elite advocates for cooling the planet, which contradicts traditional human preferences and needs.

– Demographers project significant growth in conservative communities like Mormons and the Amish, indicating a potential demographic shift towards traditionalist values in the future.

Larry Fink seems to be just fine with population decline, whereas Elon Musk sees population decline as a threat to human civilization itself. Larry Fink appears to think it’s perfectly fine to replace humans with machines. He said that population decline is a good thing because that means we have to rely more on machines, AI, robots, and machines. AI and robots are far easier to manage than populations.

Our globalist managerial elites are inverting human life and society. Historically, human populations tend to thrive in warmer weather. Virtually all anthropologists that I’m familiar with have recognized that humans, throughout our history, have lived in warm, or at least warmer climates. Human populations tend to thrive in warmer weather. We are now dealing with a ruling managerial elite, probably the very first generation ever, who are telling us that we should all actively be engaged in cooling the weather.

We have never had a generation say that we should all want a cooler environment. What we are seeing here is our globalist elites claiming that what was always a bad thing, population decline, is now actually good. Our ruling elite want a colder planet with fewer people on it.

Tesla founder and mega-billionaire Elon Musk has warned that the current demographic winter that much of the West’s population is experiencing has catastrophic consequences for the future of civilization. Civilization will crumble if people don’t have more children. Machines might be productive, but machines don’t produce civilization. To trivialize population decline is to undermine the very notion of societal progress that such trivialization supposedly evidences.

The good news is that we are seeing a civilizational renaissance inextricably linked to a demographic renewal. As secular liberals have largely stopped having children, conservative patriot communities today are having more children than ever! In 2007, birth rates among rural populations were just 5% more than in metro counties, but that fertility advantage has surged to 14% today, a 300% increase in just over a decade.

The University of London demographer Eric Kaufmann has documented how in the U.S., conservative evangelical women have a 30% fertility advantage over their secular counterparts. This demographic deficit has dramatic effects over time. Demographers are estimating that there will be over 300 million Mormons in the United States by the end of the century, and they’ll be followed by over 300 million Amish. In just decades from now, conservative patriots are on course to number over a billion in this nation alone.

We are already seeing the political effects of this. According to the demographer Phillip Longman, Trump won in states that have a 12% higher fertility rate than in states that voted for Hillary Clinton back in 2016. So, while the overall population in the West may be in decline, the good news is that sub-populations, particularly conservative sub-populations, are on the ascent. It’s traditionalists, not technology that will inherit the world!

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