BlackRock ESG Scandal EXPLODES!

In a recent admission, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said that they were going to be pushing ESG initiatives throughout their company. This just leaked out, and that admission is forcing state legislatures to take action against BlackRock.

– BlackRock and CEO Larry Fink face scrutiny over ESG initiatives that resemble a social credit system, pressuring businesses to adopt similar standards.

– James O’Keefe’s hidden video reveals BlackRock’s alleged tactics, including buying politicians through insider trading information.

– Tennessee also sues BlackRock over its aggressive ESG goals, accusing the firm of deceiving investors about its ideological agendas.

The trillion-dollar asset manager BlackRock and its CEO Larry Fink are on the hot seat today. Comments made by Fink back in 2017 regarding their ESG initiatives are making waves among conservatives, and are now even causing red states to take action against the investment giant. ESG stands for environmental and social governance policies, which is functioning like a new kind of social credit system, comparable to the Chinese system that is being imposed on businesses by companies like Blackrock. They essentially blackmail other businesses into adopting similar ESG standards in their companies by saying that BlackRock won’t invest in them.

It’s very pernicious. A trillion-dollar company sees it as its mission to impose ESG not on just its personnel but on all of the innumerable companies they’re investing in. The reason the federal government is doing absolutely nothing about it is because they’re all in cahoots with it. We learned that from James O’Keefe’s bombshell hidden video exposing the inner workings of Blackrock some weeks back.

According to this employee caught on a hidden camera, you can buy a politician for as little as $10,000. Moreover, this guy revealed that one of the primary ways BlackRock buys off politicians is through insider trading information. If a CEO is buying up a bunch of his own company’s stock, that most likely means that he just had a board meeting that produced numbers for an amazing sales quarter, so their stock is going to surge as soon as they report those numbers. This CEO is positioning himself to profit from that surge.

Similarly, if we see these CEOs dumping their company’s stock, then you know they had a bad quarter and they’re bailing out before their stock tanks once word gets out. This is why federal politicians aren’t doing anything about it. State legislators are rising standing in the gap. It’s being widely reported that the state of Mississippi has issued a cease and desist letter to BlackRock, alleging that the firm has committed fraud by misleading investors in its ESG initiatives.

The Mississippi secretary of state delivered the order and a notice of intent to impose a multimillion-dollar penalty on BlackRock. This would be the first of its kind in terms of penalizing firms for their DEI initiatives. The concern here, of course, is that investors should be made aware that BlackRock is engaged in blatant partisan politicking. They will need to let their investors know that’s what they are doing because many of them will not want to invest with you.

Mississippi is joining Tennessee, which is also officially suing BlackRock in a first-of-its-kind ESG lawsuit. Tennessee Republican Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti filed the lawsuit, charging that Blackrock has “been on the forefront of using aggressive strategies to push controversial environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals across the assets it manages.” Just like Mississippi, Tennessee officials are stating that BlackRock has a responsibility to inform their investors on how their money is being managed, especially in terms of how it is being managed to further far-left ideological agendas.

According to Tennessee officials, BlackRock has been deceiving when it comes to its commitment to pushing ESG and DEI initiatives. This is going to be fascinating to watch in terms of how the Mississippi and Tennessee cases develop. What they both indicate is a rising red state backlash against all things woke. Both Mississippi and Tennessee officials are standing up for their citizens and conservative values in our country!

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