Birth Control: ‘Safe and Effective’ or Poison?

Despite its widespread acceptance and recommendation by healthcare providers, there are many reasons hormonal birth control should be rejected. Although it is popular among even religious communities, there are many significant moral problems with hormonal birth control. It also poses many severe health and fertility risks. Additionally, many circumstances surrounding birth control lead to questions about the truth of its effects and nature, but the reality of contraception seems to be obscured. It is important to note that there are many effective and healthy alternatives to hormonal and implantation birth control options suitable for anyone.

The first birth control pills were developed by Planned Parenthood in the 1950s. They became widely available in the 1960s. Today, birth control methods of all types are championed by Planned Parenthood. They describe the many “birth control options” available including hormonal IUDs, sterilization for either sex, shots, and implants. Hormonal and implantation birth control present serious moral and physical concerns.

Hormonal and implantation options are harmful and wrong for four main reasons. First, many are abortifacient. Second, it is advocated for by many of the most despicable people and organizations opposed to morality. Third, there is a widespread lack of transparency about its effects on women’s health and fertility. Finally, birth control has significantly contributed to the sexual revolution, feminism, and the depraved sexual morality seen in Western culture today. For these reasons, it is arguably morally and physically unacceptable to use hormonal and implantation birth control options.

Many of the prevalent birth control methods are morally unacceptable as they allow an embryo to be created and then hinder its implantation, murdering the newly created life. It is essential to understand that many birth control options cause an embryo to not implant, so these options are not morally acceptable. Additionally, although birth control is considered ‘safe’ and healthy for women, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary.

There has been a lack of transparency about the effects of pharmaceutical contraception on women’s health and fertility. Scientific data shows that women experience significant negative effects from birth control. Women’s mental and reproductive health is often severely affected by contraception according to studies. Hormonal contraception also leads to significantly higher risks of suicidal thoughts and actions in women than those who did not use these forms of birth control.

Birth control has been linked to a higher risk of cervical cancer and reduced production of biologically necessary components for successful female ovulation and conception. Furthermore, the widespread prescription of birth control to regulate painful and irregular cycles or hormonal imbalances is harmful to women’s fertility as well. Women who experience these issues often have underlying conditions that impact their fertility such as PCOS, endometriosis, or underlying hormonal conditions that return after terminating the use of contraception.

These conditions are frequently able to be treated and regulated healthily, so the use of contraception falsely masks the symptoms of these serious fertility health concerns that women have. Despite the widespread cultural acceptance and glorification of birth control, women are being severely physically harmed by it and are often not warned by their physicians of the many factors surrounding the symptoms women are trying to suppress through birth control or the additional risks that come from taking hormonal contraception.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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