Bill Gates Panics as WHO Pandemic Treaty COLLAPSES!

Officials at the World Health Organization are scrambling as their planned pandemic treaty has officially collapsed! We are going to see the latest on the imploding worldwide treaty, and precisely why the days of the WHO look like they are finally coming to an end!

– The WHO’s planned pandemic treaty has caused widespread concern.

– The treaty could mandate vaccines, control drug access, and censor public information.

– Populations are increasingly rejecting globalism in favor of nationalism and traditionalism.

We are seeing an amazing development concerning the World Health Organization’s planned pandemic treaty. The World Pandemic Agreement is the latest initiative coming out of the World Health Organization, and it’s being touted as an effort to draw up rules around who does what in the event of another worldwide pandemic. But the major concern here involves what’s called Article 13A in the pandemic treaty. The Article states, “States Parties recognize the WHO as the guidance and coordinating AUTHORITY of international public health response during public health Emergency of International Concern AND undertake to follow the WHO’s recommendations in their international public health response.”

The concern here is that member nations that sign the treaty will end up surrendering their national sovereignty in how best to respond to a pandemic. If another pandemic happened, it would now be the unelected bureaucrats at the WHO who would decide the rules and protocols for dealing with the pandemic. Moreover, the treaty includes things like the right of the WHO to not only mandate vaccines and vaccine procedures but also who can access all kinds of alternative antiviral drugs as well as even mandate what can be publicly said regarding the vaccines and the drugs.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the most powerful and largest organizations in the world. Gates spent millions of dollars lobbying governments to oppose efforts to waive intellectual property rights over the vaccines, which guaranteed massive amounts of profits for Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation along with similar organizations have collectively donated $1.4 billion to the WHO since 2020. Gates has been at the forefront of all of these efforts at streamlining the medical and media responses to another global pandemic.

The WHO’s pandemic treaty has officially collapsed! In the words of Debra Heine, writing for American Greatness, the treaty has ‘crashed and burned.’ The announcement of its crashing and burning comes on the heels of the WHO assembly that’s happening right now. From May 27th to June 1st, member nations are convening to discuss ideas to improve global readiness for future pandemics. Implementing a formal WHO treaty appears now officially off the table. In the weeks leading up to this assembly, there were many demonstrations all over the world opposed to the treaty.

We saw tens of thousands of protestors come out in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo to protest the WHO treaty. Japanese media reported that it was a stunning protest, demonstrators came from all over Japan, and the turnout was enormous. In Europe, streets were filled up with thousands of protestors, like this demonstration in Austria, denouncing the pandemic treaty as an assault on their national sovereignty. Even here in the United States, the Louisiana Senate unanimously passed a bill that would prevent any measures mandated by the WHO treaty from being implemented on Louisiana’s citizens.

The worldwide uprising against the treaty was so massive that the WHO even backed down from their more draconian rules. Instead, WHO officials proposed that they could make the treaty non-binding, which means that the countries will keep their national sovereignty rather than hand it over to a bunch of unelected World Health Organization bureaucrats. That controversial Article 13A which appears to mandate the loss of national sovereignty in dealing with a pandemic has been removed. The latest draft of the treaty completely erased Article 13A from its constitution.

WHO officials even backed down from their insistence on censoring what the WHO considers ‘misinformation.’ None of those concessions saved what was already an imploding treaty. According to the AP, member states ran into several disagreements about implementing the treaty’s requirements, and after 2 ½ years of negotiations, WHO officials are openly admitting that the treaty has collapsed.

They will probably try to bring it back during this week as they’re all meeting together, but as things stand currently, it has fallen apart. We not only got the WHO to backtrack on a number of its more controversial measures, but our pressure ended up collapsing the whole thing. It was a magnificent example of what happens when patriots all over the world rally together!

Several months ago, the New York Times ran a piece about the other nefarious world organization, the World Economic Forum, formerly headed by Klaus Schwab, and the Times admitted that the days of the WEF are coming to an end. This is because the world is changing in ways that threaten to bring to an end the existence of the WEF itself. The WEF, according to the New York Times, is losing its relevance and influence. This is largely because more populations are deliberately turning away from globalism and globalist structures and goals and are instead embracing nationalism, populism, and traditionalism.

The European farmers’ protest continues to this day to surge throughout the continent, in protest against WEF-inspired rules, regulations, and trade deals that are adversely affecting their livelihood and their ability to farm. The protests have amassed in Brussels, the seat of the EU, where numerous tractors and trucks have sealed off streets close to the European Headquarters to pressure the EU’s agricultural ministers to back off from these draconian environmental regulations. They’ve very accomplished that. A major European Union plan to impose more radical climate restrictions on the farmers has been officially dropped, again, just like what we’re seeing with the WHO. The world is changing in ways that are leaving world governments like the WEF and the WHO behind. There was a time when these world government organizations were able to far more effectively institute their agenda, but those days are over!

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