Big Pharma Under Fire! Dr. Steve Interviews Russ Yeager on Americans’ Health!

The vaccine was not everything we were told it was as it was being developed. Big Pharma and the system that produced this scam vaccine do not deserve any more trust as their goals are purely to enrich themselves while not caring about benefiting Americans’ health at all.

– Russ Yeager emphasizes that Big Pharma’s primary concern is profit, not Americans’ health.

– Yeager views health holistically, emphasizing its impact on mental and physical well-being.

– Yeager shares insights on sustainable health plans that don’t require giving up favorite foods.

Russ Yeager is a healthcare expert who has spent decades in the medical field fighting against the deception of Big Pharma. He shares that the biggest thing that Americans need to know about Big Pharma is that their interest is not primarily in Americans’ health. Their top concern is money and the truth is coming out about this.

Russ pointed out that at the beginning of COVID, gyms and churches were the first things that began to shut down. Russ fought to try to keep his training center open, and the idea of keeping health facilities open is now proven to be correct. It is shown that obesity and lack of muscle mass contributed significantly to COVID severity and death. Yeager observed that taking care of one’s body and using reasonable preventative measures like staying in shape contributes to overall health and the ability to combat disease.

Russ Yeager describes health holistically and the benefit of health for reasons beyond just physical appearance. While it is important for many reasons to care about one’s appearance, the importance of health is beyond looks. He pointed out that many people look great but are not mentally or physically healthy. The most important reason to be concerned about health is to strengthen mental and physical well-being. Yeager pointed out that many people look very healthy but work out for reasons that are superficial or are very stressed which is one of the most harmful things.

He describes health as also the state of crucial relationships. The health of our relationship with God, ourselves, and our spouse/children also impacts our overall health as a person. Russ’ suggestion for how to get into shape and become healthy is to do exercises that each person likes. It is important to be determined to put in the work without feeling like doing so or being motivated independently because the power of exercise causes people to feel that motivation to continue exercising after they start.

He also explains that building muscle is important because having muscle increases the body’s ability to process calories. More studies are showing that cardiovascular health and muscle mass are both the biggest indicators of long-term health. Strength training is very important and has a lot of benefits including cardio strength as one works out doing strength training.

Russ also describes the way that this health change can be implemented without giving up on our favorite foods. He describes how he was trained by a top bodybuilding coach he hired at 27. He went on to go from 25% body fat to 5% and won a contest he entered. The people at his gym asked how he did it and wanted him to teach them too, and this inspired him to switch occupations and coach full-time. He was trained to eat very healthy foods only and do intense and long workouts. The people he trained also followed rigid structures and they were able to lose weight and be in incredible shape, but many reverted back to their overweight body after a while because eating and exercising unsustainably does not train someone how to live after they hit their goal.

The #1 success of a diet’s success is adherence, and Russ points out that most people would not want to commit to never eating their favorite snack, dessert, or food ever again. He formulated a plan that teaches people how to get into great shape without having to alter their diet to the point where their day revolves around planning their food and they cannot participate in social events. Russ has trained people on how to formulate their strategy and plan.

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