Biden’s Public Image is RUINED

Biden is completely imploding, and even the left is recognizing it. At this point, Biden has imploded way beyond the possibility of repair!

– Biden’s cognitive decline is a major concern for voters, with 76% expressing worry about his mental health.

– Biden’s declining cognitive health is seen as a primary factor in the nation’s decline by many voters.

– Trump is positioned to win decisively in the general election unless there are significant mitigating factors.

The Democrats’ worst nightmare came true! Biden’s Achilles heel is his age and his clear lack of intelligence. The latest NBC poll found that Biden’s age and cognitive decline ranked among the top concerns voters have for his presidency. 76% of voters are concerned about Biden’s cognitive degeneracy. 62% are very concerned.

The Democrats know that voters are not going to re-elect a president they believe is not cognitively fit for the job. But what made that NBC poll devastating is that voters are seeing a connection between Biden’s mental degeneration and the degeneration of the nation as a whole. In many issues, Biden’s approval rating and trust in handling that issue has plummeted dramatically in the last four years. In 2020, Biden had a 9-point lead over Trump in terms of his being perceived as competent and effective. Today Trump has a 16-point lead. This shows a 25-point swing to Trump.

In October of 2020, Biden led Trump by a point in having the necessary mental and physical health to be President. Now Trump has a 23-point lead over Biden, representing a 24-point swing. All the down-ticket issues exemplify the same pattern. In dealing with crime and violence, back in 2020, Biden was +4 over Trump. Now Trump is +21. In securing the Border, Trump has more than doubled his lead in the last four years. In dealing with the economy, Trump has tripled his lead! Biden’s painfully obvious cognitive degeneration is being seen by more voters as the primary cause of the nation’s degeneration.

This report not only served to confirm what we all knew, but it now made it the major political issue for 2024. Biden’s cognitive health is now on everyone’s mind. As you and the whole world just saw with his disastrous polling, voter confidence levels, and his horrific press conference, Biden is incapable of defending himself against those charges.

The Democrats still seemingly do not have anyone else other than Biden! They may still try to run him in November. I think it’s going to be a disaster, but it will be less of a disaster than Kamala or even Gavin Newsom who doesn’t poll well. They are likely stuck with Biden and think they’re going to try to make him as sympathetic of a figure as possible. But this likely will not work out in their favor very well. The general election is looking like it’s over. Barring the most extreme election shenanigans, Biden is going to get crushed by Trump. Now the question for the Democrats is simply how they can minimize the damage.

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