Biden’s Polling Reflects Cratering Support!

The legacy media is desperately hoping for a Biden comeback, but it’s simply not happening. We are going to look at the latest poll disaster for Biden and we’re going to see precisely why things will continue to go from bad to worse for sleepy Joe!

– Democrats are alarmed by Biden’s declining poll numbers, with Trump leading in battleground states according to Real Clear Politics averages.

– Trump maintains a strong position even in scenarios where he faces legal challenges, according to Harvard/Harris polls.

– Concerns about Biden’s mental fitness and age are widespread, even among Democrats, affecting voter confidence.

With the presidential election just eight months away, Democrats are beginning to openly panic about Biden’s disastrous polling numbers. James Carville referenced the Real Clear Politics polling averages in every single battleground state. Trump is up in Wisconsin by 1, Arizona and Georgia by 5, Michigan and North Carolina by 4, Pennsylvania by 2, and Nevada by 3. Trump is trouncing Biden in every single battleground state.

The latest from Harvard/Harris shows that voters were asked: ‘If Trump is convicted of crimes related to his handling of classified presidential documents, how would you vote?’ Trump is up by 8, 54 to 46! Trump is over the 50% mark. He’s winning the popular vote. When asked who they would vote for if Trump is convicted of inciting the Capitol riots of January 6th, He goes to 50%. When compared to the generic question of who people plan to vote for regardless in November, Trump goes back on top with 51% of the vote.

The Democrats’ plans to steal this election through lawfare and the banana republic-style weaponization of the law are not working. Either Trump comes out on top and he gains support, or the needle is barely moved. Voters are largely discounting his legal troubles, with his poll numbers hardly budging were he convicted. Our legal system is going through a massive crisis of legitimacy. Trafalgar polling found that 79% of Americans believe that we live in a two-tiered justice system that protects the wealthy elite and powerful at the expense of average citizens. Pretty much every major cultural institution today is going through a comparable crisis of legitimacy.

Our justice system especially has lost the trust and confidence of the vast majority of the population. The most recent Harvard/Harris poll found that 55% of the population believes that the indictments against President Trump are politically motivated. 56% believe that this is deliberate interference in the 2024 election by Biden’s justice department. There was no way that this lawfare wasn’t going to backfire on the Democrats. Now we are seeing that in real time. Even if convicted, Trump’s poll numbers don’t budge either way, and voters aren’t taking this lawfare seriously.

This same Harvard/Harris poll gets even worse for Biden. 60% of respondents said that they were very concerned about Biden’s mental fitness, which includes 30% of Democrats. 63% believe Biden is too old to be president. A supermajority of voters believe he is too old to be president and are concerned about his obvious cognitive decline. That is a very hard sell to get them to vote for him. A new survey just found that 40 percent of black voters don’t even want to vote in November. Among those who plan to vote, Trump is getting record support of 20%!

Trump has doubled his support among non-white voters since 2020, most particularly seen in Latino voters. We may see, for the first time in November, the Republicans getting the majority of the Latino vote, and the Democrats getting the lowest black vote in decades. That would translate into an electoral disaster for Biden, and that’s exactly what we are seeing develop.

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