Biden’s Polling is Legacy Media NIGHTMARE Coming TRUE!

Biden’s polling historically shows him with a 14-point lead, like in Wisconsin in 2020. He barely won by a single percentage point, and then a federal judge ruled two years later that many of those votes were illegal anyway. Biden and the legacy media know how ominous these polls are and they know these abysmal polls are overestimating Biden’s support.

– Recent polls show President Biden’s popularity declining significantly.

– The legacy media is grappling with these poll results, and MSNBC published an article titled ‘How not to have a psychic meltdown when you see new Trump-Biden poll numbers.’

-The article suggests that while some may find these poll results irrational or maddening, it’s important to accept the reality and not reject it.

Biden is imploding and the legacy media is beginning to recognize that their worst nightmare is about to come true. The polls continue to be a disaster for Biden. Poll after poll over these last two post-mugshot weeks, all show the same thing.

A new Premise Data poll has Trump trouncing Biden by 6, 44 to 38. The latest Echelon poll, another poll that Trump has never led before, has Trump up by 1: 46 to 45. The most recent McLaughlin poll has Trump beating Biden by 4: 47 to 43. According to McLaughlin’s polling, in the battleground states, Trump is crushing Biden by almost 10 points: 49 to 41. The latest YouGov poll, has Trump beating Biden by 1 nationally, 44 to 43. The latest Emerson poll has Trump up by 2, 46 to 44.

The Schoen/Cooperman poll, a Democrat poll, has Trump up by one, 45 to 44. They also show that Trump has an 8-point lead in approval rating as president. The legacy media is doing what it can to help its rapidly dwindling audience cope with these polls. This is a recent headline from MSNBC: ‘How not to have a psychic meltdown when you see new Trump-Biden poll numbers’ A new poll found that 75% of voters think he is too old and he needs to bow out. 69% of Democrats agree! Here are some highlights of how this unhinged MSNBC article suggests trying to cope with this:

“In The Wall Street Journal’s latest poll of the 2024 election, President Biden and former president Donald Trump are locked at 46% each. Other recent polls have shown essentially the same thing. While there will be many twists and turns before next November, at this point the race is a toss-up.

“If that makes you feel like your country has gone mad, you’re not alone.

“This is not a feeling we talk about much. While political reporters obsess over the anger and resentments felt by blue-collar white men in Rust Belt diners, liberals’ emotions are seldom considered worthy of the same kind of exploration.

“Even those who feel this way know it’s an irrational way to approach politics. I could offer you a lengthy and sober explanation of why a Trump-Biden election will be so close. I can give you chapter and verse to detail why it is that a former president who faces four separate criminal indictments, who attempted to overturn a lawful election, who oozes corruption and dishonesty, and who has made clear his intention to practically dismantle the American system of democracy as soon as he gets the chance, is nearly an even bet to take back the White House…

“Yet part of me looks at those polls and wants to respond not with calm and reason, but with a blood-curdling scream of rage. Or at least with the kind of frustration bordering on despair that usually prompts those questions in the first place.

“Some details of the primary race may have been unexpected (Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ swift fall, for instance), but Trump’s glide to the nomination is no surprise at all. Anyone who pays close attention to politics by now has a Ph.D. in Trumpology gained over years of watching and considering the man himself, the carnival roadshow of his devoted cultists, and the more casual supporters who keep him atop his party. We all saw this coming. But when you step back for a moment, the whole picture can seem even worse than it was, like a horror movie when the protagonist wakes from her nightmare only to realize she’s still in her nightmare…

“As infuriating as it is to admit the electorate may choose another Trump term, the only answer may be to hold on to that truth. Rejecting reality only replicates Republicans’ errors that led to Trump’s rise. Exercise your reason, stay informed, and understand what’s happening in all its detail. But at those times when you want to scream in fear and anger, don’t think you’re being foolish or irrational. It just means you can see what’s in front of you.”

These people have lost it. The woke activists disguised as journalists are beside themselves about Trump’s success. They did not think that he would gain so much support after the indictments.

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