Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummet as Trump Crushes DeSantis in Polls!

Biden is imploding as we see the continued fallout from the Ron DE-saster rollout. We see the Trump train continuing to roll as other candidates disappoint in the latest poll numbers.

– MANY polls show a significant drop in Biden’s favorability.

– Trump is shown to have a 5-point lead over Biden in a Marquette poll, Trump’s largest lead in the history of Marquette’s national polling.

– Trump also has a significant lead over DeSantis in many polls!

Things are not looking good for old Joe, and his supporters in the legacy media know it. Take for example the latest from CNN, which is panicking. They’re freaking out over these latest poll numbers!

CNN is sounding the alarm. They’re freaking out that Biden is imploding to the political point of no return. According to CNN’s latest poll, Biden’s favorability has dropped nearly 25 points since his inauguration. He’s gone from 59% favorability to now just 35%. 57% of people have an unfavorable opinion of Biden.

The latest Fox poll shows Biden’s approval among independents is 28%. 70% disapprove. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that 29% of independents approve and 62% disapprove. The latest Monmouth poll shows that 31% approve and 59% disapprove. The latest CBS poll, which is not particularly reliable, still shows that 34% approve, and 66% disapprove. The average aggregate approval rating among independents is 31% and the disapproval rating is 64%!

Fox has found that only 20% of respondents are saying that Biden’s policies are helping them while 48% say they’re being hurt by them. Among Independents, only 7% think Biden is helping them, while nearly 60% say that they’re being hurt by Biden’s policies. This is an unmitigated political disaster in the making. When 60% of independents believe your policies are hurting them. 98% of Republicans and 60% of independents is a formidable coalition.

The latest Quinnipiac poll asks, “Do you think Biden is too old to effectively serve another 4-year term as president?” 66% of people say yes. That includes Hillary Clinton. She agreed that Biden’s age was a huge issue. 64% of Democrats don’t want Biden to be the Democrat nominee for 2024. According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 71% of all voters (Republican, Independent, and Democrat) do not want Biden to run again.

This is why many are arguing that Biden is unelectable at this point. If Biden has lost the entirety of the Republicans (for the exception of Rinos and Never-Trumpers, the 2% of Republicans who always vote Democrat), and if he’s lost over 80% of independents, Biden is politically dead and unelectable. This is why CNN is freaking out. Even Jill Biden is feeling the fall.

She asks, “Please clap?” The ‘please clap curse’ is something Trump has never struggled with. The audience’s enthusiasm at his rallies is extraordinary.

The fallout from the Ron DeSaster campaign launch continues. In New Hampshire, two state legislatures have switched endorsements to Trump after the rollout debacle. State legislator Sandra Panek has changed her mind about DeSantis, saying, “We can’t expect someone to run a country if they can’t properly run their own campaign launch.” Juliet Harvey-Bolia has also announced that she is supporting Trump after the rollout debacle.

DeSantis supporters are pushing the notion that DeSantis has overcome his initial embarrassment by hauling in a whopping $8.2 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign. For some reason, DeSantis supporters think that kind of news is working in their favor. It just further underscores that the establishment donor class is 100% behind DeSantis. It’s being widely reported that allies for Ron DeSantis are amassing upwards of $200 million to defeat Trump in the 2024 presidential race.

The Jeb Bush wing of the Republican Party has embraced DeSantis, and they’re pouring their money into him. On the one hand, he’s trying to run as a populist anti-establishment candidate while being backed by the Republican establishment on the other. He is trying to run as the successor to MAGA on a record of destroying wokeness and dismantling the liberal establishment in Florida, and yet he’s being backed by the very Republican establishment that has provoked the populist backlash in the first place.

It is unclear why any Republican would want to vote for the candidate being backed by the guy who fired Tucker Carlson. How can an establishment-backed candidate win the anti-establishment vote?!? More people are wondering this, as we’re now beginning to see these defections away from DeSantis.

By contrast, the Trump train continues to roll. The latest Marquette poll has Trump beating Biden by 5 points. That’s Trump’s biggest lead in Marquette’s history of national polling. A 5-point national lead is insane for the Republican candidate, with national polls oversampling our coastal elite cosmopolitan centers. In Iowa, Trump has opened up a 42-point lead over DeSantis. According to the latest Fox News poll, Trump has a 33-point lead over DeSantis nationally. His lead is 13 points higher than the total support that DeSantis gets, which is 20%. Fox is all in on DeSantis and the whole Murdoch enterprise is pushing his candidacy. Even their polls are showing Trump running away with this. We are seeing the writing on the wall here. Biden is imploding, DeSantis’ rollout continues to be a disaster, and the Trump train continues to roll on!

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