Biden Visits East Palestine Ohio A YEAR After Train Disaster!

Despite the desperate gaslighting efforts from the borderline illiterates at the View, pollsters are sounding the alarm on Bumblin’ Biden’s fledgling presidency.

– Biden’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio, a year after a hazardous train derailment, turns into a public relations disaster, contrasting sharply with Trump’s prompt response.

– Biden’s significant double-digit deficit in Ohio and his unfavorable reception during the visit suggest a broader trend of swing states leaning away from him.

– Biden’s declining popularity and political missteps indicate that he is a complete disaster and no desperate efforts to revive his campaign will work!

Video is coming in from Bumblin’ Biden’s disastrous and humiliating visit to East Palestine, Ohio a full year after the train derailment devastated the town with hazardous chemicals. We are going to see the latest on the public relations catastrophe and what it means for swing states in 2024.

One of the more bizarre elements of watching these scenes from The View is realizing just how absurdly myopic their point of view is. Sunny Hostin has been over the years an avid advocate for racial reparations but recently found out that she comes from a family of slave owners, so she would in effect be paying racial reparations to herself. That cognitive dissonance can be seen precisely in what she just tried to pass off as political analysis. She said, ‘If you look at the polls, the vast majority of Americans believed that Biden won the debates.’ But the obvious retort to that is what the polls say now.

If given the choice between Trump and Biden, who are the voters overwhelmingly choosing now? If polls were so authoritative and demonstrative back then, why not now? She thought she was making a valid point when she just undermined her argument. Nate Silver, of 538, the pollster darling of Democrats, is not so myopic. He is sounding the alarm that all the data coming in over the past year points to a single scenario. Biden is on track to lose reelection in a landslide.

Red Eagle Politics compares the data on this. If you compare a president’s approval ratings with the share of votes he gets in the upcoming election, you’ll see that they correspond almost to the number. Trump’s approval at the time of the 2020 election was 46%, and he ended up getting 47% of the vote. The pattern is pretty consistent. Obama’s approval was 50%, and his vote share in 2012 was 51%. In 2004, GW was clocking in at 52% and his vote total was 51%. According to Red Eagle’s analysis, throughout the last six election cycles, on average, presidents running for reelection see a one percent underperformance in their approval ratings.

Joe Biden has an average 40% approval rating. He has not been above 45% in over two years, since October of 2021. This is why Nate Silver is sounding the alarm. Statistically, there is no way Joe Biden gets reelected at this point. This is the Democrats’ darling pollster, Nate Silver who is saying openly and publicly that all the numbers show that Biden is headed for an absolute disaster in November. No one was talking this way in 2020. Is this an admission that they are not going to be able to cheat their way out of this one?

Biden is not doing himself any favors. He is politically imploding. This can be seen in the recent public relations disaster of his visit to East Palestine, Ohio. Last Friday, someone in the Biden administration thought it would be a good idea for Biden to go and visit East Palestine, the site of the disastrous train derailment that spilled hazardous chemicals in the area immediate to the town. This was a disaster that happened over a year ago, and literally, within hours after the disaster, President Trump showed up, and here was the reaction:

By contrast, here’s what greeted Bumblin’ Biden an entire year later:

It’s not clear whose idea this was. Perhaps it was the same person who thought it was a good idea to show Biden posing with a birthday cake engulfed in 81 candles. But regardless, this visit was a public relations disaster. Biden is losing Ohio by double digits. He lost it by 10 points in 2020 and he is going to lose it again. What we saw recently in East Palestine is suggestive of what we’re seeing in swing states as a whole, particularly around Ohio like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The math is thoroughly on Trump’s side. Biden’s flubbing in a debate turns out to be the least of the worries of the ladies at The View. It is Biden himself that is the problem, and it looks like his supporters are going to be in for a very rude awakening in November!

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