Biden Signs GOSAR BILL Ending Pandemic Emergency!

While it has been literal years since most of us sane Americans considered COVID in our day to day lives, it appears that the Biden administration has somewhat caught up with the rest of America and ended the national emergency that had been declared. Funny enough, the bill signed by Sleepy Joe was authored by none other than ultra-MAGA Congressman Paul Gosar!

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law legislation from Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona officially ending the COVID-19 emergency declaration. Now this bill will strip Biden of over 120 powers granted to the executive amidst emergencies. The national emergency was declared by President Trump on March 13th 2020 making this a 3+ year period of extra power granted to the executive. The move effectively terminates the emergency powers granted to the president under the National Emergencies Act. President Donald Trump initially declared the national emergency March 13, 2020. Gosar said this about his bill being signed:

“With the president signing my bill, the emergency powers enacted to address the COVID-19 emergency have been terminated. It is my view, shared by Congress, and now the president, that emergencies should be in place only as long as there is an ongoing emergency. The pandemic is over and has been. This repeal is a great step forward towards economic and social recovery. Working with my colleagues and (House) Speaker (Kevin) McCarthy was instrumental.”

The ending of the national emergency, stripping Biden of over 120 emergency powers, will end much of the billions of randomly allocated COVID relief Biden was handing out like candy and begin to “claw them back as Gosar stated. Unfortunately this has had no effect on the vaccine travel mandate that prevents unvaccinated non citizens from even coming to visit the United States, making us the most pro-vaccine country in the world almost by default. Why are we pressuring millions of people around the world to get a poisonous injection just to give us tourism money?

There is a new lawsuit that hopes to prove that the mandate violetes the religious convictions of those who may want to visit the US but the CDC does not believe in religious exemptions for a vaccine (that was, in fact, made using aborted fetal cell lines). Karine Jean-Pierre also made it clear that certain requirements such as testing would not be affected by the end of the national emergency. You could tell she was giddy to let the press know not to worry; there is still more absurd nonsense to go around. Hopefully this year we can see the mandate end for those traveling to the US and perhaps even some semblance of justice for those injured or killed by these effectively forced injections.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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