Biden is the Least Popular Incumbent in 70 Years!

Even CNN is admitting that the Biden campaign is collapsing as Trump is surging! We are going to see that the latest disastrous CNN poll is just the tip of the iceberg.

– CNN reports Trump leading Biden by six points nationally, sparking alarm among Democrats.

– Trump’s success attributed to high approval ratings compared to Biden’s perceived failures.

– Biden’s approval rating hits historic low, trailing behind past incumbents.

The leftwing activists disguised as journalists over at CNN are sounding the alarm. Despite all of the attempts by the Democrats and their allies in the legacy media to interfere in the democratic integrity of a presidential election through their use of weaponized legalism, Donald Trump has taken his largest lead yet over Biden. Head-to-head, Trump now has a six-point lead over Biden, beating him 49% to 43%.

When the rest of the candidates are factored in, in a five-way race, Trump’s national lead jumps to 9 points. The crosstabs suggest what’s really behind these numbers. 51% of independents said that Trump’s presidency was successful, whereas only 37% see Biden’s presidency as successful. Altogether, 55% of respondents believe Trump’s presidency was a success, whereas only 39% believe the same for Biden. A whopping 61% believe Biden is an abject failure.

Trump has perhaps the easiest, simplest campaign pitch ever. When he was president, things were great. When Biden came in, he messed everything up. If we vote for him, he will make things great again. This is the advantage that Trump has as a hybrid candidate, part incumbent, part candidate. He has a track record that voters can reference when evaluating the current incontinent-in-chief. It also accounts for why these numbers have been so consistent. The relatively high approval rating for Trump’s presidency and the dismally low approval rating for Biden’s has remained fixed for nearly the last year.

There’s nothing to suggest that those numbers are going to change before November. There’s no economic forecast or change to the situation at the southern border that we can expect in the next 6 months that’s going to change these numbers. At this point, we can safely assume that voters are going to mail in their ballots or go to the polls on election day largely seeing Trump’s presidency as a success and Biden’s an abject failure!

The Real Clear Politics polling average for all the swing states shows that Trump is up by 2 in Wisconsin, 1 in Pennsylvania, 5 in Arizona and Nevada, just over 1 in Michigan, 4 in Georgia, and over 5 in North Carolina. As things stand right now, according to the polling averages, Trump is set to win upwards of around 312 electoral votes, even more than he won in 2016 when he had nowhere near this kind of polling dominance.

In Wisconsin for example, in 2016 before Trump pulled off the upset and won Wisconsin, there was not a single poll in the lead up to November that showed Trump ahead. Trump was consistently behind in every single poll leading up to November, and yet he won. Trump always overperforms his polling by about 3 points. Trump is now consistently ahead in virtually all the polling, not just in Wisconsin, but in every single swing state. He’s been in the lead for months now. To make matters even worse, Biden is now officially the least popular president at this point in his presidency in the last 70 years!

According to the latest Gallup poll, Biden is in a weaker position than any prior incumbent including Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush. He’s polling at just 38% approval, the lowest of any incumbent president at this point in his presidency in 7 decades. By comparison,Trump at this point in his presidency was at 47%, Obama was at 46%, and the first Bush was at 42%. As all of this is happening, it’s being widely reported that Trump and DeSantis met over the weekend.

This was the first time the two have met since the very contentious primary where Trump proved he’s the Godzilla of politics and absolutely crushed DeSantis, who, by the way, has regained his mojo having come back to his wheelhouse as Governor. We can only speculate what the meeting was about, but at the very least, given that it was orchestrated by a big-time Republican donor, it’s safe to assume that DeSantis is going to be raising some BIG BUCKS for Trump going into the general election.

Biden has been outspending Trump 5 to 1 thus far in the campaign, which is just further insult to injury given how badly Biden is doing in the polling. Trump is crushing him and he doesn’t even have to spend a dime. DeSantis is likely going to bring in a lot of cash to the Trump team, since that was the one thing that DeSantis did very well in his brief and ill-fated presidential campaign.

Talk of him taking the VP slot is back, so we’ll have to see on that, but at the very least, we are seeing a united Republican Party going into November. We are seeing the mega-donors increasingly united behind Trump. We are seeing relatively fixed polling that’s giving Trump a huge lead both nationally and in all the swing states. It’s no wonder why CNN is starting to panic!

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