Biden is off the Ohio Ballot?!

As things stand, Biden will not be on the Ohio ballot. We are going to see the latest campaign catastrophe for sleepy Joe, and what it all means for 2024!

– A recent Siena Research poll shows Biden’s lead over Trump in New York has shrunk to single digits.

– The growing support for Trump and conservatism is reflected in significant developments within the GOP, such as Rick Scott challenging Mitch McConnell for the Senate leadership, with Trump’s endorsement.

– These factors suggest an extraordinary surge in enthusiasm for Trump and a potential shift in control of the Senate towards the Republicans.

poll just dropped from New York from Sienna Research. Biden’s lead over Trump is now down to single digits. He has 9 points in a state that voted for Biden by nearly 25 points in 2020. To make matters even worse, Biden’s lead shrinks to 7 when RFK is added into the mix! If polls like this one are accurate, we are seeing a dramatic collapse in support for Biden!

Many people believe that this kangaroo court circus in Manhattan is going nowhere. Trump is going to skate out of this the winner one way or the other. As things stand, he’s not going to be on the Ohio ballot.

The Democratic Convention in Chicago was scheduled so late in the season, in late August, that Biden won’t officially be the Democratic Party nominee in time to qualify for the Ohio ballot, the deadline for which is the first week of August. Right now, Biden will not be on the Ohio ballot. At one level, it doesn’t matter because he has no chance of winning Ohio.

Trump is crushing Biden by double digits in Ohio. This is a significant issue when it comes to control of the Senate. There is a major senate race in Ohio where the Republicans are trying to flip a seat from blue to red, which will most likely happen regardless of what goes on with Biden. Ohio has gone deep red over the last decade, and there’s little chance that their current Democrat senator, Sherod Brown is going to pull it off and win reelection.

With an Ohio pick up along with the West Virginia pick up as Joe Manchin is gone, it looks virtually certain the Republicans will take the Senate. Rick Scott has already announced that he’ll be challenging Mitch McConnell for the position of Senate leader. Trump of course has endorsed Scott for the position, so we’ll see how that plays out. What we are seeing play out in the presidential race and many other aspects of government is an extraordinary surge in support and enthusiasm for President Trump and true conservatism.

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