Biden IMPLODES Across Key Demographics!

The latest Gallup poll on Biden’s approval numbers is out, and it has terrible results for Biden. We are going to see how Biden just got his worst news yet and what it all means for 2024.

– Biden’s approval ratings, especially among Independents, have plummeted into the 20s, with Trump leading in various polls among this key voter group.

– Minnesota data reveals an 8-point swing towards Trump, indicating a broader trend of double-digit swings in favor of Trump even in traditionally blue states.

– Despite challenges from the Deep State establishment and media scrutiny, Trump is portrayed as politically stronger today than ever, with Biden’s popularity declining.

Not only is Biden’s approval rating in the 30s, among Independents, the key voter group he needs to win in 2024, he has sunk into the 20s! According to CBS, Trump would currently win independents by 54 to 44. According to Quinnipiac, they would be tied, and according to CNN Trump would win by 4. HarrisX has Trump up by 14 among independents, Fox has Trump up by 16, and NBC has Trump up by 11!

The latest data coming out of the state of Minnesota shows Trump beating Biden in Minnesota by a point. Biden won Minnesota by 7 points in 2020. Now we are seeing an 8-point swing in Trump’s direction. It is the same thing we are seeing all over the nation. These double-digit swings towards Trump are being seen even in the bluest states. We saw this with the latest Siena College poll coming out of New York. Right now, Biden is beating Trump by barely 10 points. In a state where Biden won by over 20 points, we are seeing a double-digit swing towards Trump.

When asked who people trust more with the economy, Biden or Trump, people choose Trump +10, on inflation, Trump +12, on immigration, it’s Trump +10, and on crime, it’s Trump +9. On the four top issues that voters care most about, they are going with Trump by double digits. Independents and Republican voters formed an insurmountable coalition together, ready to take Biden out in 2024.

Real Clear Politics is concluding that when we look at all the polling data, not cherry picked polls, Trump crushes Biden. Trump wins with over 300 electoral votes, far beyond the margin of fraud. Here is the analysis from RCP, ‘As of this writing, Trump leads Biden by 2.6 percentage points nationally in the RealClearPolitics Average. This is Trump’s largest lead in the RCP average to date.

In 2016, Trump led Hillary Clinton for five days in the national RCP Average, each of those days in the immediate aftermath of the Republican convention. He led in 29 polls taken over the course of the entire campaign, 10 of which are recorded in the RCP averages as Los Angeles Times/USC tracking polls. In 2020, Trump never led Biden in the national RCP Average. He briefly closed to within four points in early January 2020. He led in five polls the entire cycle. So, counting the L.A. Times tracker as a single poll, Trump led in a total of 24 national polls. This cycle he has led in that many since mid-September. Trump has led in more polls in the past three weeks than he did against Biden in all of 2019 to 2020.

Trump is today in the strongest position to win the White House than he has ever been. After everything that the Deep State establishment has thrown at him including the J6 committee, 24/7 insurrection accusations from the liberal media, four indictments, and an internationally publicized mugshot, Trump is politically stronger today than he has ever been. This is coming from the analysts at Politico who have looked at all the polling from 2016, 2020, and now 2024. Biden is imploding and Trump is surging.

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