Biden HUMILIATED in Philadelphia!

CNN is sounding the alarm over Biden’s disastrous campaign. Things have gotten even worse since that news segment as a new poll has just dropped that has the Democrats panicking beyond their worst nightmares, and this is happening all as Biden is humiliated in deep blue Philadelphia; you’re NOT going to want to miss this!

– Biden surrogates and legacy media portrayed the rally as having a packed house.

– The Roanoke College poll, known for its accuracy, suggests a significant shift towards Trump.

– Decision Desk reports give Republicans a 51% chance of achieving a trifecta (winning the White House, House, and Senate), while Democrats have a 16% chance.

Joe Biden was in Philadelphia recently, and it wasn’t pretty. Biden’s surrogates and the legacy media tried to mislead us. This is a picture from the event on a Democrat hack’s Twitter posted by someone named Harry Sisson who said, ‘A packed house at his rally at Philly today!’

Unfortunately for this Democrat hack, Steve Nelson of the New York Post published this picture:

Here we see the whole gymnasium. The event was in Girard College, the heart of Philadelphia, which is as blue as a region can get. At no point among any Biden lucky did we see a single picture of the entire gymnasium; this is the only one. In a comparison of the two images, we can count the windows on the right side of the gymnasium in this Democrat hack’s picture.

Biden was speaking to a half-empty gymnasium, and this is key, Biden couldn’t fill up a school gym in Democrat-run Philadelphia. When this is compared to the 30,000 people who came out for Trump in the South Bronx last Thursday night in one of the bluest districts in the nation. Biden is speaking to half-empty venues inside a Democrat stronghold! As all of that was going on in Philly, another poll just dropped that’s giving Democrats a whole other reason to panic.

The latest coming out of the otherwise reliably blue state of Virginia shows that Trump and Biden are tied. The latest Roanoke College poll, a historically very accurate poll, shows that the state of Virginia, a state that voted for Biden by 10 points in 2020, is now officially in play. Democrats are currently doing everything they can to dismiss, ignore, and downplay this polling. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit points out that this same polling outlet was only off by one point in 2020.

They had Biden up by 11, and he ended up winning by 10. Roanoke College polling is very good when it comes to assessing the state of the race in Virginia. They generally poll within the margin of error and this poll showing a tie in a state Biden had won by 10 points is devastating for the Democrats. This is a 13-point swing for Trump and it’s comparable with what we are seeing in Minnesota as well. In Minnesota, the lone state that voted for Mondale in 1984, the Real Clear Politics polling aggregate that averages out all the polling done in Minnesota shows Biden is leading by an average of just 2 points!

Trump is expanding the electoral map and forcing Biden to spend money in states that Biden should be leading by double-digits. The latest electoral map from 538, Nate Silver’s organization, shows that in the average of all of the polls taken over the last several months, particularly in battleground states, Trump is crushing Biden with 312 electoral votes! That’s 8 electoral votes more than what Trump got in 2016. The latest report from Decision Desk gives Republicans a 51% chance at a trifecta: winning the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Democrats only have a 16% chance at a trifecta. We are seeing political dominance for the right that we have not seen in many years, and with the weaponized lawfare and cratering economy, we are likely to see these trends continue in the direction of the right.

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