Biden and Leftwing Media Panic as Democrat Coalition SHATTERS!!!

The Democrat coalition is unraveling and Biden is politically collapsing! We’re going to see the liberal media publishing panicked pieces warning Democrats that their coalition is irreparably fracturing and Trump is thoroughly on his way to reelection!

– Trump is gaining significant minority support, with an average of 20% support among Black voters and 42% support among Latino voters, according to recent polls.

– Meanwhile, Biden is losing support among minority voters.

– The combination of minority voter support erosion and the rise of left-wing third-party candidates threatens to unravel the Democrat coalition and harm Biden’s reelection prospects, leading to concerns among liberal media outlets.

We have two major developments going on right now concerning the fledgling Biden campaign fiasco. We have a collapse in support among non-white voters who are the core of the Democratic Party. We also have third-party challenges from the left that are siphoning off an even deeper percentage of the Democrat vote. These two dynamics are forming a kind of perfect storm that promises to decisively sink the Biden presidency.

The radical leftists disguised as journalists over at the Washington Post just came out and admitted that Trump is seeing levels of minority support no Republican has reached in half a century. They found that across five high-quality polls in the past month, Trump is averaging an astonishing 20% support among Black voters and an unprecedented 42% support among Latino voters. They are cross-referencing several polls from different outlets and agencies, each using different methods and weighting systems, and yet all five of these polls came to the same conclusion. They are all corroborating the fact that Trump has amassed support among minority voters that no Republican has seen in half a century.

At the very same time, Biden is hemorrhaging support among minorities. The New York Times just published a panicked piece. Their analysis concluded that Biden’s polling numbers among black and Hispanic Democrats are the worst since the Walter Mondale presidential debacle in 1984. The non-white working class are defecting away from Biden in record numbers and they are all going to Trump. Biden is politically imploding right before our eyes, and the legacy media is admitting it.

Both the Times and the Post, the twin standard bearers of the woke regime are both sounding the alarm that Biden is politically collapsing! Now we are seeing more and more third-party candidates on the left promising to siphon off even more votes from Biden in such a way that promises to spell electoral disaster in 2024.

A new Quinnipiac poll found that 47% of voters would consider voting for a third-party candidate in the next presidential election. This percentage is disproportionately affecting Biden. This has the establishment Democrats panicking. According to an analysis from FiveThirtyEight, if a rematch were to occur between Biden and Trump with the emergence of a third-party candidate, that would be a ‘nightmare scenario’ for Biden. This is because all the third-party challenges are coming from the left.

Democrat strategist James Carville is calling the third-party challenge by Cornel West nothing short of a ‘threat to the constitutional order.’ West, of course, is a far-left populist whose third-party campaign is gaining a lot of traction. Democrats are openly fearful that West’s campaign could have a drastically detrimental effect on Biden’s re-election by splitting the left. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggested that he is considering running as a third-party or independent candidate if he fails to secure the Democratic nomination. This is because the DNC is actively working to thwart his candidacy and rig the primaries.

Kennedy is doing very well in New Hampshire and he may pull off a win there. Biden came in fifth in New Hampshire back in 2020, so to make sure they avoid another embarrassment, the DNC is putting the South Carolina primary ahead of New Hampshire and they’re engaging in a whole host of dishonest tactics. So RFK is saying that he will find other options if he is not going to get a fair shake at the Democrat nomination. A recent Monmouth poll found that 16% of voters would vote for Joe Manchin if he ran as a third-party candidate. This comes on the heels of Manchin headlining a third-party gathering known as No Labels in New Hampshire, fueling speculation that he may indeed challenge President Joe Biden as a third-party presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

Manchin has thus far refused to endorse Biden, and he has also refused to rule out a third-party challenge. The ultra-leftists at the New York Times are getting nervous. They ran a piece with the headline: ‘Joe Manchin has a lot of explaining to do!’ They are wondering why he is risking putting Donald Trump back into office by splitting the Democrat vote. These two dynamics — the hemorrhaging of minority voters and the rise of leftwing third-party candidates – threaten to completely unravel the Democrat coalition and sink any chance that Biden has for reelection. This is why we are increasingly seeing the liberal media freaking out.

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