Oh, no. Unfortunately she’s just getting warmed up…


-AOC literally abandoned logic in her latest theater performance in Congress

-The collapse of wokeness cannot come soon enough!

So that was the pride of New York, representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez having a bizarre meltdown over the Republican-led congress voting Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Republicans had been long vowing to do just that in view of Omar’s history of antisemitic and anti-American remarks, which she clearly has done. She has a gift for verbal virulence, against BOTH Israel and the United States, and the Republicans promised retribution on that, which they just delivered! BUT, for me, it was that rant. I frankly could care less about Ilhan Omar, I find her utterly repulsive, but that repulsiveness took on a new form, a new embodiment, by this narcissistic psychopath from New York, AOC! And what interests me here is that I found her response so radically typical, if I can even say that, of the woke mind virus, that I thought it would be fruitful for us to reflect on it a bit and see what it shows us in terms of what we’re dealing with in these ongoing culture wars.

First and foremost, you’ll notice that AOC made this all about race! She went full-blown MSNBC on us! ‘Don’t tell me this is about an abdica, an [stutter] (she had a Porky Pig moment there), a condemnation that’s right, an abdica, oh I meant, condemnation of anti-Semitic remarks. This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America. That’s what this is about! I feel it! I feel it! The Holy Spirit is just movin’ me, I can see it! This is all about targeting women of color!’ To which my very first question is: what on earth is a woman? What the heck are you talking about, what do you mean by that? Before we play the race card here, please explain to me what the heck you meant by that gendered term woman: what is that? Because Matt Walsh has an entire documentary of your fellow woke warriors having absolutely no idea how to even begin to define that term! So that would be my first question. My second question is: isn’t uncritically assuming that other people are prejudiced, itself a sign of prejudice? Isn’t uncritically assuming that Republicans are racists, isn’t that kind of racist? Imagine if I did something like that with any other group, what if I said gypsies are all about targeting Europeans? It would clearly be a statement of prejudice, a pre-judging of an entire group of people! Why is it ok when you do it? Why is prejudice bad when Republicans do it but good when Democrats like you, AOC do it?

But there’s something else even more fundamental going on: you see, playing the race card is part of a larger deck known as victimhood. And victimhood, the claim that one has been treated unjustly, unjustly victimized, works rhetorically because it automatically puts the victim in a posture of moral superiority and the interlocutor, the person he or she is having an argument with, is immediately put on the defensive. Since now this interlocutor is no longer a person who simply has a disagreement with the victim, this person is now a victimizer! And that’s a horrible thing…IF IT WERE TRUE and not just a cheap rhetorical trick intending to deliberately intimidate! It’s also a fallacy: you’ll notice that AOC used victimhood to diminish Ilhan Omar’s responsibility and culpability for something that has nothing to do with victimhood! According to AOC, Ilhan Omar is not morally responsible for her antisemitic, anti-American remarks, and that’s because: she didn’t say them? No, it’s because she’s a victim! You see, in the world of the woke mind virus, being a victim recuses you of any moral culpability! AOC is fabricating victimhood in order to allow Ilhan Omar to escape responsibility and culpability for what she clearly did.

But then, notice the bait and switch. AOC was pretty upset, wasn’t she! She was, shall we say, morally outraged! But how? I thought that when one is designated a victim, you’re recused from any moral transgression! Ah, you see, that’s true of the victim, but emphatically NOT the victimizer! No, the victimizer is beyond all redemption! The victimizer is the epitome of moral condemnation! And in the world of the woke mind virus AOC and Ilhan Omar are NEVER the victimizers they are ALWAYS the victim! You see, this is technically known as the stolen concept fallacy: it’s the attempt to condemn the victimizer with the very moral standards from which you recuse yourself! Heads I win, tails you lose! AOC just treated all of us, literally the entire nation, to a temper tantrum that had no logical substance whatsoever! She denounced attacking women of color while at the same time denouncing anyone for trying to define what a woman actually is! She was utterly incensed over the violation of a moral standard from which she recuses her own self! All of this suggests to me that wokeness has no future; it is morally bankrupt and logically absurd! But until it blows itself up, taking its place on the proverbial ash heap of history, it still provides moments that are just fun to watch!