Another Democrat is switching parties and this is HUGE because it now gives this red state a Republican supermajority in their legislatures! We’re going to look at the latest defection, we’re going to see the growing list of GOP dominated states, and why the legacy media is literally panicking that red states have started to literally purge their states of Democrats! You are NOT going to want to miss this!

-North Carolina now has total Republican domination!

-23 states have Republican TRIFECTAS!

-Red states are BOOMING as Blue States are SHRINKING!

The state of North Carolina continues to turn to the right as yet another Democrat defects to the Republicans! State representative Tricia Cotham, a Democrat from Charlotte, is announcing her decision to leave the Democrats and join up with the Republicans; now the reason why this switch is so epic is because it will officially give North Carolina a republican supermajority! Back in November, the Republicans won a supermajority in the senate and fell just one seat short in the house, and for the record, they flipped their supreme court back in November! The North Carolina state supreme court was notoriously liberal for ages, and now they have a solid Republican supermajority on their court! UNLIKE Wisconsin that seems hell bent on going the way of the woke; that’s fine, you libs in Wisconin will just demographically implode all the sooner. So join Chicago in voting for your woke lunatics and continue your demographic collapse, while red states like North Carolina will continue their population boom!

But regardless, what’s happening here is HUGE, because this defection is adding to the growing list of Republican supermajorities in our nation. Remember, in many respects, as conservatives flee blue states, becoming what we call ‘leftugees’, blue states are getting bluer but red states are getting redder! The concern of course was that as the population begins migrating to the south, red states like Texas and purple states like Florida risked turning blue. Remember, Florida voted for Obama twice! But the opposite has happened; they’ve become solid red and we’re seeing just how solid red they’re becoming in real time. Of course Florida has become the poster boy in all of this; back in November, the Republicans slaughtered the Democrats throughout the sunshine state; amassing a supermajority in both the House and the Senate! In fact, for the very first time since reconstruction, there’s not a single Democrat holding statewide office in Florida! They’re gone! They have been consigned to total and complete irrelevance!

In Montana, Republicans just won a supermajority for the first time in Montana’s legislative history! They’ve won 70 of 100 House seats, and 33 of their 50 senate seats! Montana’s interesting, because they’ve flirted with the Democrats over the years; before 2000, they voted for the Democratic presidential candidate about 30 percent of the time, actually in 2008, Obama came within one point of winning Montana. BUT, since then, and especially since 2016, Montana has become deep red MAGA country! And they’ve solidified it with their very first Republican supermajority! And then there are states like West Virginia, that were for ages reliably Democrat, it wasn’t that long ago when BOTH their senators were Democrats: Robert Byrd and Jay Rockefeller. Well those days are long gone! Over the last eight years West Virginia has amassed one of the most impressive Republican supermajorities in the nation! The same with Kentucky, again, a once very reliable Democrat state. How’s this for dominance: as of last November, Republicans now hold 80 of Kentucky’s 100 House seats! The GOP has an 80 percent majority in the Kentucky legislature!

We’re seeing similar movement in Iowa, again, between 1992 and 2012, Iowa voted for the Democrat presidential candidate six of seven elections! That’s pretty loyal, that’s pretty blue! Well, them days are over! Iowa is blue no more! Not only did Republicans win a supermajority in their senate, but they finally beat their Democrat Attorney General who had been their for 40 freaking years! The same goes for Ohio, which to their shame voted for Obama twice! They now have Republican supermajorities in both chambers! In fact, as we speak, nearly half the country, 23 states throughout the nation, have what’s called a Republican trifecta, which is where the Republicans hold the governorship and both chambers of the state legislature. By comparison, Democrats only have 14; 14 sad little states. So at the state level, Republicans are absolutely dominating, so don’t worry about what happened yesterday in Wisconsin or in the degenerate and imploding city of Chicago! So what do the rise of these Republican supermajorities mean going forward in a post-presidential indictment era?

In one of my recent videos, we talked about what happened on the floor of the Tennessee legislature; the speaker of the state house actually called an insurrection! It was a mass protest led by three Democrat state-representatives who deliberately shut down the legislative procedure. Well, because Tennessee, God bless them, has a Republican supermajority, it’s just been announced that they are going to officially expel those three Democrats from state government! It’s a glorious move that I argued should be replicated as much as possible in all supermajority red states in retaliation for what they’re doing to President Trump! The moment Democrats realize that their antics are only ending up hurting them and their power, it will stop! Well, looky looky here: the national media, the Marxist media, is taking notice of what the Tennessee legislature is doing, and they’re panicking over Republicans, in the words of Vanity Fair, literally purging Democrats from their state! Get a load of this: ‘Democracy is under assault in Tennessee.’

Democracy is under assault! This from the crowd that deliberately suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation during a presidential election; that for three years told us that Vladimir Putin stole the 2016 election; that pushed for and championed not one but two fraudulent impeachments, and even now is heralding the indictment of a former president on one even most anti-Trump forces are calling blatantly trumped-up charges! This is utter foley! These people are walking contradictions; they’re the embodiments of square circles! I continue: ‘Democracy is under assault in Tennessee. In a stunning move Monday evening, Republican state lawmakers in Nashville—the site of America’s latest horrific school shooting—moved to expel three Democratic colleagues who led an anti-gun protest on the state House floor last week!’ Stop! I wonder what this guy would be writing about if they led instead an anti-trans protest; what do you think? What article would he have written? Would he have written this drivel?

Going on: ‘Republican lawmakers moved to expel three Democratic colleagues who led an anti-gun protest on the state House floor last week claiming that they participated in an “insurrection” when they led chants of “gun reform now” in the chamber. The resolutions, which followed scenes of chaos in the chamber, constitute a virtually “unprecedented” attack on the constitutional right to free speech!’ I can’t! I’m actually get nauseous; I mean, the champions of cancel culture are whining about free speech! I cannot even imagine a more self-unaware article than this; and you know what it tells me? We are over the target! If the lib media, the feckless liars in the narrative-over-news media are panicked over this, this Democrat purge HAS TO BE replicated in every red state legislature in the nation! It’s only when they realize their antics are hurting them more than the Republicans that they’ll finally end this madness! So a huge congrats to North Carolina and your new Republican supermajority! Onward and upward!

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