Another County in Oregon Secedes!

Patriots in rural America are rising and taking their nation back one county at a time. We are going to see the latest county to take matters into its own hands, and how it’s all part of an even wider trend of patriots rising against failed imploding Democrat cities and restoring the nation that we all love!

– The Greater Idaho movement, driven by dissatisfaction with liberal policies in cities like Portland, is gaining traction as eastern Oregon counties vote to secede and join Idaho.

– Similar secessionist sentiments are evident in other states.

– The Idaho legislature recently voted to move the Oregon-Idaho border westward, and a bill in the Oregon senate aims to start negotiations with Idaho, recognizing irreconcilable differences between urban and rural areas.

The Greater Idaho movement involves several counties in eastern Oregon that are openly rebelling against the insane liberal lawlessness of their woke cities like Portland. These counties are holding several referendums that, if implemented, would secede from Oregon and join their neighboring deep red-state Idaho.

As of Wednesday, 53% of Crook County residents voted to leave Oregon and join up with Idaho, making Crook County the 13th county in Oregon to vote to leave. Several more counties are scheduled to hold similar votes shortly, which means that we are going to see upwards of half of Oregon’s counties voting to secede from their state and join up with deep-red Idaho. Commentators have noted that if this secession were implemented, that would mean that three-quarters of the landmass of the state of Oregon would be emancipated from the imploding city of Portland, which in turn would make Idaho the third largest state in the union in terms of landmass.

The logic that’s animating these secessionist sentiments is simple: if the state got rid of Portland, the whole of Oregon would be voting in Republican governors and presidents by a double-digit margin. A map from the last gubernatorial election in 2022 shows that the majority of the state votes for Republicans. However, the Democrat won by nearly 4 points. The Democrats won despite having lost 29 of Oregon’s 36 counties. The Republican candidate won 80% of Oregon’s counties, and she still lost.

Over 80% of the regions in Oregon are experiencing intense political disenfranchisement as they are being ruled by politicians and policies that they want nothing to do with. They’re pushing back, and of course, they’re not alone! In the ultra-blue state of Illinois, 27 counties have already passed pro-secessionist referendums! Some state lawmakers have even proposed bills to separate Chicago and its surrounding Cook County from the rest of the state.

There are Maryland counties that want to join up with deep-red West Virginia. In California, San Bernardino County has recently voted to study the process and prospects involved in seceding from their increasingly failed state. Scholars are calling this phenomenon ‘scaled secession,’ which is also known as de-annexation. This term has been specifically used to describe the latest trend among city districts across the country that are actively trying to secede from their city hall and form their own legally recognized cities.

St. George, Louisiana is officially the newest city in the United States. It was formed by nearly 100,000 residents living on the southern side of Baton Rouge who grew sick and tired of the dying, decaying rot of a Democrat-run city. They decided to take matters into their own hands! Back in October of 2019, 54% of voters in the district, or parish, as they call it in Louisiana, voted in favor of seceding from the city of Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge officials took them to court, but just a few weeks ago, the Louisiana Supreme Court in a 4 to 3 decision officially ruled in favor of the referendum. St. George is now official. They successfully seceded from Baton Rouge, and they are now the fifth largest city in Louisiana, boasting a population of nearly 85,000. This is what’s known as scaled secession, and it’s happening all over the place.

The city of Memphis, Tennessee has shrunk over the last few years precisely through this process of scaled secession or de-annexation. Districts such as South Cordova, Southwind, and Rocky Point are no longer part of Memphis. That’s precisely how we have to understand what’s happening here in the Greater Idaho movement and Illinois and California and elsewhere. More populations are done with rotting, dying, decaying deep blue societies.

The Idaho legislature just voted in favor of a bill that would move the Oregon and Idaho border westward to indeed create a ‘Greater Idaho,’ and there’s even a bill that was just introduced in the Oregon senate that would begin talks with the Idaho legislature on adjusting the border, recognizing that the differences between urban and exurban Oregon are simply irreconcilable. With the latest referendum passing, one thing is clear: the Greater Idaho movement is getting greater!

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