Andrea Mitchell LIVE TV FAIL!!!

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell just took dazed and confused to a whole new level in live TV; she’s becoming more and more like her hero Joe Biden, but in more ways than anyone would want! We’re going to see how the legacy media’s desperate and pathetic attempts at justifying their ridiculous double standards when it comes to Trump backfired big time, actually proving just how absurd those desperate attempts really are!

-Andrea Mitchell SHUT DOWN

-The narrative got exposed in real time!

-The legacy media is completely imploding

So that was the ultra-left MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell doing her best to try to push this pathetic double standard that the legacy media has doubled down on, and as you can see, it really didn’t go so well for her! Let me break down that embarrassing display; let me show you, in the simplest of terms, why she just melted down there. A number of legal scholars like Robert Barnes have pointed out that the president of the United States alone has the absolute authority to declassify any document he chooses. It’s a power given to him by what’s called the Presidential Records Act, the Presidential Records Act gives the President exclusive, uncontestable authority to not only declassify whatever he wishes, but also the power to remove documents when he leaves The White House without the right of anyone to take those documents back.

For example, when Judicial Watch sued Bill Clinton several years back to obtain taped conversations that he had with leaders on national security matters which he took with him after he left office and kept in his sock drawer. A federal court dismissed it on the grounds that the president unilaterally gets to decide what documents require archived security. So the President alone has the power to classify and declassify whatever he wants, and to take with him whatever documents he wants when he leaves office! Now, what’s key here is that no one else has that authority: not the vice-president, not the secretary of state, no Deep State intelligence officer, no one else in DC has that ultimate decision-making authority! Only the president!

What Andrea Mitchell and the legacy media are trying to do is to convince as many people as they can that the man who alone has that authority doesn’t and those who don’t have that authority like then-vice president Biden or Hillary Clinton DO! THAT’s the key to deciphering the blathering idiocy that you just saw on live television! What Mitchell attempted to do there was actually invent a distinction that exonerates Democrats and punishes Trump, and it’s an impossible one. It’s a distinction that basically makes the claim that the one man who has authority to declassify anything he wants DOESN’T have that authority, while those who don’t have that authority, like then-vice president Biden and Hillary Clinton, actually DO! And so, that kind of ridiculous spin, as you could see, caught up with the likes of Andrea Mitchell, who couldn’t work that contradiction out in her own head! Now, if you don’t know, this isn’t the first time Andrea Mitchell has embarrassed herself on live TV, as you may have guessed; she actually once ended up falling asleep during an interview, I kid you not, check it out:

She literally fell asleep; I mean, what do you say to that? What do you say to the fact that the legacy media’s ridiculous banter is even putting their own anchors to sleep?!? It will come as no surprise to you that poll after poll shows that the legacy media has experienced an implosion in trust and confidence, they’re just simply not fooling anyone anymore! And this is largely because of the rise of what’s called ‘advocacy journalism.’ Advocacy journalism BEGINS with the woke leftist partisan narrative that they want to advance, and then the so-called journalist attempts to fit the so-called facts into that frame, that narrative! So advocacy journalism almost inevitably commits the fallacy known as confirmation bias, confirmation bias is when you deliberately configure information and data specifically to support one’s prior beliefs and values! So, it’s basically a kangaroo court; and this is why more and more people see the so-called ‘information’ coming out the legacy media as no more trustworthy than so-called scientific data coming out of Phillip Morris or Marlboro cigarettes! Remember when Lestor Holt of NBC News shocked his audience when he was accepting an award at a media symposium some months back? He made the rather shocking admission that: ‘it’s become clear that fairness is overrated,’ saying that ‘the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in.’ I mean, they’re openly admitting that they’ve picked sides, they are blatantly partisan, and the irony in all of this is that THAT partisanship is literally killing the legacy media as a viable business model!

When all is said and done, the success of modern journalism is built on trust. The only way modern journalism works is if audiences trust the news outlets as reliable mediators of information; if there is a significant doubt that arises from that; if audiences begin to suspect that they’re being fed partisan talking points, they are going to look elsewhere for their information! So you can see how these two dynamics interrelate: the more partisan the legacy media appears, the more trust in the media erodes. And the more trust in the media erodes, the more they lose their audience, which means the only audience that’s left are the fringe partisan die-hards, who want the media to go even further left, and the whole cycle repeats! And so, what all of this means is that Andrea Mitchell’s meltdown really is a profound symbol of what’s happened to the whole of the legacy media; but you shouldn’t feel too bad for Andrea Mitchell and her embarrassing meltdown, after all, given this cycle, barely anyone was there to see it!

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