An Interview With Dr. Carol Swain: The Supreme Court ENDS DEI!

The Supreme Court recently crushed woke DEI admission standards for colleges. Dr. Carol Swain is an ex-professor at many prestigious universities who has discussed DEI initiatives with Dr. Steve.

– Dr. Swain has defied expectations by leaving academia and gaining more influence through other means.

– She has authored books on CRT, DEI, and affirmative action, drawing from personal experiences and co-authors’ diverse perspectives.

– Dr. Swain believes her success is attributed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 rather than affirmative action and teaches how diversity positions have transformed into new race-based segregation and reverse discrimination.

Dr. Swain explained how many people believed that when she left academia, she would lose her influence and opportunity. However, she has now been able to reach even more people and have influence in many more unique ways.

Since Trump’s mugshot, black voters have supported Trump more. His support has increased to 20%. Dr. Swain pointed out that many black people can identify with the weaponized legalism that Trump is experiencing. They are seeing the focus on attacking Trump as using the criminal justice system. They see this as unfair and many people have experienced this as well. They sympathize with Trump seeing this happen to him. Trump has entered the cultural space of many by being seen as persecuted by the justice system.

We are amid a political realignment. We are seeing many liberals identifying less with the shifting liberal party and more with center-right views. We are also seeing this cultural shift in colleges. College education is being seen as a poor investment now by many parents and does not hold the same value it used to. However, some colleges are allowing more conservatives to come onto their campuses and share their ideas.

Dr. Swain has written two books on CRT, DEI, and affirmative action. Her inspiration for these books came from personal experiences and her co-authors who have also been impacted by affirmative action. These co-authors were white males of different ages, and the way that affirmative action has impacted her and them in different negative ways contributes to the story of these books. Dr. Swain explains that she cares about fairness and equality, and DEI is discouraging this. She describes many reports of white children experiencing shaming and bullying at schools because of their race.

The majority of Dr. Swain’s new book was written before the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action. She waited to finish it until they made their ruling. She said, ‘There was always the possibility that they wouldn’t have the courage to strike down affirmative action which would’ve meant the book would’ve had to have been rewritten and we would have focused on the missed opportunity of the Supreme Court.’ She argued that DEI and CRT violate the constitution’s equal protection clause in the same way as race-based affirmative action.

She explained that many people say that she benefited from affirmative action, and her advocacy against it now is an effort to undermine future people of color. She counters this by saying that she believes she benefitted the most from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which ended discrimination based on race. She explains that she started at a community college, transferred to a 4-year college, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She studied and worked to learn how to be successful and it worked and she was successful!

She pointed out that diversity positions used to be about trying to find truly underrepresented people and communities to make them aware of opportunities. It has now morphed into a toxic group mentality and we are seeing race-based segregation. We are seeing only-black classes and dorms. We are seeing black students being put with black teachers in an act of supposedly ‘reverse discrimination’ that is doing exactly what so many people fought against. Dr. Swain points out that the left is one of the most racist groups as they believe that racial minorities are unable to meet the same standards as others. Dr. Swain’s new book discusses all of these important issues. With impressive and intelligent patriots like her standing up for what is right and leading the movements to regain sanity and reject DEI and CRT, we are likely to see more people reached who will understand the truth of these important issues.

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