Alvin Bragg and Media HUMILIATED!!!

Alvin Bragg is officially the laughingstock of the nation, and the legacy media is seething in utter humiliation! We’re going to see how this case against Trump is widely being recognized as an abject disaster, how the legacy media got duped, and what’s really behind this Democrat embarrassment!

-Alvin Bragg has gone down in flames!

-Even never Trumpers and Democrats are admitting that this case is TRASH!

-Trump has only benefited from this

The legacy media is absolutely livid as of today, they are seething over this corrupt Soros-backed DA’s pathetic excuse for a case. Yesterday of course he revealed his indictment against Trump, and by virtually all accounts, it turned out to be one of the single most embarrassing examples of legal incompetence imaginable. When all is said and done, not only did Bragg fail to actually cite what federal crime President Trump allegedly committed, but he actually divided the single count of Trump supposedly falsifying his business records into 34 separate counts that all point back to the exact same thing! If you don’t know, what Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer did, is he billed Trump monthly for reimbursement, and so what this embarrassment of a Manhattan DA did is he slapped three counts of falsifying documents for every monthly bill from Cohen. He slapped on a felony count for each invoice, he slapped one on for each ledger entry, and he slapped one on for every check stub! You literally can’t make this stuff up!

Alvin Bragg is today nothing less than a national embarrassment; he’s a standing joke, now of course, the legacy media will never admit it, but even THEY are frankly shocked at how utterly ridiculous, how vapid; how legally hollow this indictment has turned out to be! Don’t take my word for it; here’s John Bolton, the swamp creature himself, live on CNN admitting how shocked and disappointed he was in the humiliating flimsiness of the case:

Yeah, shut it you warmonger! Even Justin Amash, the liberal Republican who called for Trump’s impeachment, even Amash is aghast at this, he tweeted out: ‘After reading DA Bragg’s indictment of Trump and accompanying statement of facts, I’m stunned any prosecutor would move forward with this. It’s even flimsier than we were led to believe. Thirty-four stacked counts, bootstrapped to an unstated crime, to manufacture felony charges.’ Yeah sorry Justin, you’ve been on the wrong side for years now, but these are the freaks you’re hanging out with! Clay Travis tweeted out: ‘I’ve read the entire indictment. This case is a total joke, will get tossed on legal appeal. This is an absolute gift to the Trump campaign. It’s as if Alvin Bragg is trying to get Trump elected. Complete embarrassment to New York City and its citizens. ‘Couple of easy points: 1. The statute of limitations is violated, which may get this case tossed in its face. 2. The second crime, which is required to raise this misdemeanor to a felony, doesn’t apply under these circumstances and isn’t even fully explained. This is very sloppy work. Frankly, even left wing lawyers are going to struggle to defend this. Huge win for Trump to have such incompetent foes.’ Here’s former Assistant US Attorney Andrew McCarthy on what the judge in this case should do with the indictment:

Byron York is saying something similar; when all is said and done, this isn’t an indictment, it’s a fulfilled campaign promise; this is why you don’t need any laws to back it up. Bragg campaigned on getting Trump, that was his campaign, and here he is, having spent millions of dollars of George Soros’ money, with an empty indictment that supposedly fulfilled his campaign promise! So what exactly WAS Donald Trump’s supposed crime; what precisely is he being accused of ? Well here’s former US Attorney Brett Tolman with Jesse Watters on what HE believes is the actual crime that Donald Trump has committed:

That’s it! That’s the crime! Dan Bongino was almost right; Bongino argued that when it comes to Trump, the establishment is investigating a man in order to find a crime, banana republic stuff; right? The rule of law would require that they investigate a crime to find a man, the person who committed it, whereas the Democrats are investigating Trump precisely in order to find a crime! But I think Brett Tolman is closer to the mark; this pathetic shame of an indictment proves that Trump IS the crime! He IS the offense; Trump IS the felony; there’s no crime needed; you just need to get rid of HIM! And speaking of banana republics, or what was ONCE considered a banana republic until an amazing patriot became president!

Nayib Bukele, the amazing populist president of El Salvador, look at what he tweeted out: ‘Think what you want about former President Trump and the reasons he’s being indicted. But just imagine if this happened in any other country, where a government arrested the main opposition candidate. The United States’ ability to use “democracy” as foreign policy is gone.’ The world is taking notice of this circus; the great Hungarian nationalist populist leader Viktor Orban tweeted outhis encouragement to president Trump saying: ‘Keep on fighting, Mr President! We are with you!’ Talk about a jab at bumblin’ Biden! I LOVE it! He called Trump Mr President! That’s amazing; that speaks volumes of what he thinks about the current incontinent and chief in the oval office! Well, all of this is to say that this arraignment yesterday simply couldn’t possibly be more embarrassing for the Democrats, for the state of New York, for Alvin Bragg, and ultimately, for George Soros himself!

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