2/3 of Oregon to JOIN IDAHO?!?!

Hey gang, I’m at a bit of a loss for words but…It’s happening! A massive secession from one of the nation’s most woke states looks like it’s actually happening! You’re NOT going to want to miss this!

-⅔ of Oregon may become part of Idaho!

-Secession is sweeping the nation!

-Bills are in the Oregon Senate RIGHT NOW to make this a reality!

This is Mike McCarter, a few years ago, Mike put forward an idea that seemed to resonate with a lot of rural residents in the eastern counties of Oregon: let’s leave behind the far-left woke policies of imploding drug-infested Antifa-run cities like Portland and redraw our borders around the great conservative state of Idaho! And so an organization called ‘Move Oregon’s Border’ put forward the idea of holding a number of referenda throughout Oregon’s far more conservative counties to secede from Oregon and join up with Idaho. On May 18th, 2021, 5 counties held a referendum to secede, and to the shock of many, ALL five counties voted to secede from Oregon! Some of the measures passed by over 60 percent of the vote! Since then, Mike’s dream has absolutely exploded in popularity! Thus far, upwards of 11 counties in the state of Oregon have passed referendums to join their neighboring red-state Idaho, which is now being dubbed the Greater Idaho movement! Several more counties are scheduled to hold similar votes; all told, nearly 50 percent of Oregon’s counties are prepared to leave and join up with Idaho!

If this secession were actually implemented, that would mean that three-quarters of the landmass of the state of Oregonwould be emancipated from the imploding city of Portland, which in turn would make Idaho the third largest state in the union in terms of landmass! Now, the logic for this is rather simple. Back in November, Oregon governor Tina Kotek was elected by nearly 4 points, beating out the Republican Christine Drazan! Now, you would think, ok, that’s a pretty close race, 4 points, that’s respectable! But take a look at the Oregon Governor election results map: it’s virtually ALL red! This Democrat, Tina Kotek, won office DESPITE having LOST 29 of Oregon’s 36 counties! More than half of those counties, nearly 20 in all, voted against the Democrat by a margin of nearly 40 to 50 points! In fact, her 68,000 vote-margin-of-victory came exclusively from the 192 thousand margin of victory in a single county alone, Multnomah County which of course contains the imploding failed city of Portland. If Multnomah County were excluded, the Republican would have won by 10 points! This is the recipe for intense disenfranchisement among the vast majority of Oregon’s counties, who don’t want to be living under the political conditions imposed on them by a single county! It’s like forcing Alabama to live under a San Francisco regime! And so, the rural folks are rebelling, and it seems to be working!

The Idaho legislature just voted in favor of a bill that would move the Oregon and Idaho border westward to indeed create a ‘Greater Idaho.’ The bill authorizes Idaho legislators to present a proposal to Oregon politicians about relocating the border to the Cascade Mountain range, which would end up incorporating over 60 percent of Oregon’s land mass into Idaho. So the Idaho legislature looks like they’re ready to do this, so what about Oregon’s legislature? Are they prepared to allow so much of their state to secede? Well, the answer to that is going to surprise you! This is Matt McCaw, spokesperson for the Greater Idaho Movement, 12talking about a bill that was just introduced in the Oregon senate that would indeed begin talks with the Idaho legislature on adjusting the border:

So there you have it, this thing is really happening; there is real momentum to change Oregon’s borders largely because they have become functionally obsolete. Functional obsolescence occurs when something no longer serves the function for which it was originally designed. Take, for example, the way a bridge can become functionally obsolete when it becomes too narrow or too weak to support the types of new vehicles most people now drive. Functional obsolescence isn’t just relevant for bridges or building codes, it can also apply to state borders that no longer represent the values and interests of their residents! And that’s precisely why, what’s happening in Oregon, may in fact spread throughout the nation, and that’s exactly what appears to be happening!

From the Mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest, rural counties in some of the bluest of blue states have taken steps to redraw state lines in order to either join up with a neighboring red state or to form new states of their own. In California, San Bernardino County, one of their largest counties, home to over 2 million people, has directed local officials to study the possibility of secession from the state. Eastern Washington counties are considering comparable measures, and perhaps most radically, the Republican Party of Texas recently passed a resolution in their party platform that calls for a referendum vote on whether to secede from the United States in a so-called Texit referendum, named after Brexit! In fact, USA Today fairly recently noted that the US is experiencing nothing less than what they called ‘secession fever’ and the reasons for this are obvious; they were well articulated by proponents for the Greater Idaho movement: more and more Americans refuse to live under regimes that don’t just ignore their values, but actively spit on them and insult them! They’ve had it! They want their values of faith, family, and freedom honored and revered, and if imploding cities like Portland want to embrace socially-suicidal ultra-leftist woke values, they can go right ahead! No one’s stopping them! But if more and more counties want to remove themselves from those woke values, then there should be no stopping them as well! Inter-state secession is a win-win! And that’s why we may indeed be seeing an extraordinary political makeover surging through the nation!