18,000 Cows KILLED in Farm Explosion!!!

On the morning of April 10th, 2023 an explosion wiped out the entire herd of 18,000 milk cattle at the Southfork Dairy Farm in Dimmitt Texas. One person is in critical condition after the explosion but besides her there are no human casualties. An investigation into the cause is underway and initial speculation is hinting at a vacuum malfunction that resulted in ignited methane, but many are more skeptical. This is one of many in a string of massive agricultural and industrial disasters that are drastically reducing America’s supply chain readiness, damaging the environment, and in many ways directly contributing to the decline in health of millions of Americans.

Everyone remembers the East Palestine Ohio train derailment and the totally bungled response from Joe Biden and his transportation lackey Pete Booty-judge. This event really highlighted the declining infrastructure in the US and how basically everyone in DC besides Donald Trump has not been serious about fixing it. What is just as concerning, but even less covered in the mainstream press and in many ways relegated to Telegram, Bitchute, Rumble, and Elon Musk’s twitter, is the seeming increase in these massive sort of disasters across the country. While many have said this is due to a decline in capability and intelligence in trades as well as the increasing diversity, paired with the retirement of a more capable previous generation. Others have speculated that there could be more foul play at hand. Regarding this most recent disaster, 18,000 is a lot of cattle and we know there are forces at play that want Americans eating anything but good old red meat.

Many of these disasters resemble the sorts of things that can be caused by massive and advanced cyber warfare. The WEF and Klaus Schwab have “warned” about massive cyberattacks coming from and perpetrated against Russia, China, Iran, etc. and the US government has taken up such warnings. When viewed in light of recent insane proposals in Congress about restricting internet freedom, is it so far-fetched to say that the deep state could blame these disasters on the enemies of the global regime to manufacture consent for another massive war? As of now Americans do not want war with Russia or Iran but if they suddenly became (at least in the public consciousness) the perpetrators of massive attacks on American industry, that could change quickly. Whatever the outcome may be, be sure to stay prepared and not fall for regime propaganda meant to push support for overseas wars!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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