14-Year-Old Girl Crushes Woke School Board!

We are seeing another courageous patriot we all need to support!

– A courageous young girl criticized a woke school board in Michigan.

– She exposed their manipulative victim mentality during a meeting where she distributed a satirical “hurt feelings report” to highlight their behavior.

– Even in liberal strongholds like San Francisco, parents are rallying against woke teachings, with successful recalls and shifts in school board dynamics observed in many states.

This young girl has more courage in her left pinky than that entire woke school board combined, and her speech exposed just how cowardly these woke activists are. That was reportedly the Chippewa Valley School Board in the Clinton Township of Michigan. As you may have guessed, parents are livid over the school board pushing what they consider to be sexually explicit and inappropriate books in their school libraries. This is from a parent who was purportedly in attendance at that meeting. This brilliant young lady called out their pathetic and manipulative victim card and turned it against them by handing out to them a ‘hurt feelings report!’

As you can see, it is a report that assists whiners in documenting their hurt feelings. There’s a space for the whiner’s name, the reason for hurt feelings, the date their feelings were hurt, and more. There was a place where one could check the box on the reason for filing the report in the first place, among the options were ‘I’m thin-skinned,’ or ‘I was told that I am not a hero.’ This is all part of this mass uprising we’re seeing against woke school boards all across the country.

In downtown LA, parents all across the nation, rural and city alike, white and non-white have had it with wokeness, especially in their schools. School board recall efforts have surged to unprecedented numbers. There have been hundreds of recalls organized over the last year, and many are happening in the bluest areas. For example, a few months ago, 3 woke members from the San Francisco Unified School Board were recalled by parents by around 80% of the vote. That is how much parents have had it with wokeness.

Even in liberal meccas like San Francisco, parents have risen and said, ‘Enough!’ They’ve had it with all of this woke nonsense, particularly as school boards try to shove it down the throats of their kids. As we saw with San Francisco, these recalls have been very successful. Entire school boards are getting flipped in states like Texas and Pennsylvania where patriot parents took over and restored sanity to their school districts. In many ways, it’s just beginning. Kudos to that young girl for calling out manipulative victimology weaponized by a bunch of neurotic woke activists disguised as a school board!

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