Ukraine Attacks Russian Border Towns?!

In what was ultimately a foolish ploy to distract from the fall of Bakhmut, Ukrainian terrorists directly supported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an assault into the Belgorod region of Russia that borders Ukraine to the Northeast, above and west of Kharkiv and the now liberated Luhansk region of Russia.

The Grayvoron border post was stormed by armored vehicles and attempts were made on a few of the villages near the border. Ukraine claims that these soldiers are from a volunteer “Russian volunteers” unit but it is clear that AFU soldiers and equipment were used and assisted in this assault. Ultimately a swift counter terrorism operation was conducted and the majority of those who entered were eliminated. Reports say that General Lapin of the Russian Armed Forces took direct operational control of the response and ensured a swift end to the assault. There is no doubt that the assault had an initial effect of chaos and confusion which was undoubtedly intentional, but unfortunately for the Ukrainian narrative builders the western media does not seem eager to discuss this assault on Russia proper.

Zelensky only recently claimed that Ukraine was only conducting combat operations within its “internationally recognized borders”, with Zelensky even more recently announcing the creation of the Ukrainian Marines as a message that he still has plans to storm and recapture Russian Crimea that he claims as Ukrainian. This all comes after the fall of Bakhmut which has become the largest battle of the 21st century with tens of thousands of casualties. The city is now entirely under Russian control and the flag of the Donetsk region is being flown in all areas. This announcement about “Marines” as well as the suicide assault into Belgorod (which is crawling with Russian troops) are clear acts of desperation and distraction on the part of Zelensky who clearly sees the walls closing in on his time as chief Ukrainian puppet.

Zelensky knows that keeping the western public transfixed on the idea of retaking Crimea is the only way to get the next level of weaponry and financial support from the West. Unfortunately for Zelensky he is clearly not in operational control of the military beneath him as this assault into Belgorod is not something that Ukraine’s western backers want to see. Radicals in Ukraine have fantasized about the “Belgorod (spelled Belhirid for some reason to these people) People’s Republic” separate from Russia sort of as a mockery of the DPR and LPR. Of course this will never happen and is only feasible in the minds of those brainwashed in the west by neoliberal media, but it seems that enough authorities within the UAF fell for their own propaganda as to sign off on such an adventure.

While Ukraine continues to receive immense support from the West, it is becoming more and more clear that Russia will likely take more territory than currently occupied and may end up needing to push well past the Dnieper River to fully achieve the goals of their Special Military Operation.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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