The Supreme Court Rules Against Free Speech

The Supreme Court punts once again on free speech, and Conservatives are absolutely livid. We are going to take a look at the latest ruling regarding the Biden administration’s censoring of American citizens and what it means going forward into November.

– The Supreme Court decided against freedom of speech on Wednesday.

– Social media censorship of conservatives and controversial ideas is still a prominent issue as there are many other cases about this issue.

– Going into 2024, conservatives have access to platforms such as X and Rumble that do not censor political dissent, so we are better prepared to fight the mainstream media’s attempts at painting the narrative of what happened.

In a stunning decision, the Supreme Court has sided with the Biden Administration in a landmark case dealing with government involvement in social-media censorship. In a 6 to 3 ruling, the court found that the plaintiffs in this case lacked standing to sue.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote the majority opinion, where she asserted the two states and the five social-media users that brought the suit do not have standing to contest the level of coordination between government agencies, nonprofits, and tech platforms in restricting content on social media. The background to all of this is that attorney generals from Missouri and Louisiana sued the Biden administration over federal agencies working with social-media platforms and third-party nonprofits to censor conservatives online.

Last year, a district court ruled that federal agencies could not communicate with social-media companies or nonprofits with the purpose of coercing them into restricting speech. That was followed by the Fifth Circuit in the appellate process. They largely upheld the injunction in the fall and found multiple federal agencies violated the First Amendment.

In addition to the Missouri and Louisiana suits, three doctors who believed they were unconstitutionally censored online for their opposition to coronavirus lockdowns filed suits against the Biden administration as well. All the plaintiffs were told that they had no standing to bring their respective cases against the Biden administration.

A spokesperson for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, which represented the three doctors, issued a statement saying “The Government can press third parties to silence you, but the Supreme Court will not find you have standing to complain about it absent them referring to you by name apparently. This is a bad day for the First Amendment.”

Now the irony in all of this is that we all know what happened, thanks to the Twitter Files! Jonathan Turley earlier said that the government is engaged in censorship by surrogate. This is beyond dispute at this point. We all now know that the Biden administration and the Deep State were in effect deputizing Big Tech executives as surrogates to do what politicians, being restrained by the will of the voters, simply could not politically pull off.

Increasingly, we began to see corporate boardrooms deliberately and dogmatically restrain the freedoms of citizens, particularly the freedom of speech and information, so as to maximize centralized control over the totality of political and economic life. One of the stunning revelations that came out of the Twitter Files was how Twitter in particular and Big Tech in general had become a veritable dumping ground for former FBI workers.

Mike Shellenberger reported that as of 2020, there were so many former FBI employees – ‘Bi alumni’ – working at Twitter that they had created their own private Slack channel and a crib sheet to onboard new FBI arrivals. Not only was Twitter censoring us, but our tax dollars were paying for it. The FBI reportedly paid Twitter more than $3 million as part of their censorship efforts.

It was too much for Elon Musk, who tweeted out bluntly: “The Government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor info from the public.” As of today, the Supreme Court declared that two state attorney generals and three victims of this social media censorship have no standing. To which you have to ask: then who does? Who has standing if American citizens subject to government initiated censorship don’t?

Rogan O’Handley, aka DC Draino, is focusing on a bit of a silver lining in this ruling, he tweeted out: ‘There is a lot of doom and gloom about the 6-3 SCOTUS decision in Murthy v. Biden and how it impacts the 1st Amendment. I would like to quell some of those concerns. This decision reversed the injunction based on *standing* SCOTUS said that without the plaintiffs having sufficient standing, they could not decide the case on the merits. The case is still allowed to proceed *on the merits* in lower federal courts as to whether the gov’t violated the plaintiff’s 1st Amendment right to free speech on social media. Long story short, this battle for free speech rights is NOT over and SCOTUS will likely get further involved down the road.’

So what does this mean for November? The Twitter files revealed that it was indeed Twitter, even more than Facebook, that was the primary platform targeted by the government to crack down on free speech. That platform appears to have been completely removed from the government’s influence.

So it looks like the game has changed significantly since 2020. Conservatives have Twitter, Rumble, and multiple platforms to get the message out. We are already seeing that it’s working. Trump is crushing Biden in the polls despite the legacy media’s 24/7 attempt at sheltering Biden in every possible way they can. So while this ruling is disappointing, the good news is that the rise of parallel social media outlets that originally came out of the initial censorship shenanigans may rise to the free speech occasion that the fecklessness of the Supreme Court so pathetically squandered!

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