Sheriff Mark Lamb Runs for Arizona Senate to Restore Order!!

One of America’s most patriotic sheriffs is Mark Lamb. He has been featured on Fox and Newsmax. He has many exciting things planned for the future!

Mark Lamb has been the Sheriff of Pinal County Arizona since 2017 and has since become a household name in the patriot movement around the country! You may know him from LIVE: PD before its undue cancellation in the wake of the George Floyd riots. He is a member of the LDS Church and was raised in Hilo Hawaii before spending time doing mission work in Argentina.

During the 2020 riots, Sheriff Lamb pledged to form a civilian posse to protect law and order, which proved enough to prevent any riots from occurring in Pinal County. He also refused to enforce 2020 COVID stay-at-home orders calling them unconstitutional.

Sheriff Lamb oversees a county the size of Connecticut and manages more than 650 employees within the department. The Sheriff’s Office operates with a $55 million budget which covers all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office including the Detention Center. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office provides patrol support throughout the county. The Pinal County Detention Center houses on average 600 inmates a day. Sheriff Lamb always says that his primary responsibility as Sheriff is to protect the people of Pinal County. Protecting the people of Pinal County has been one of Sheriff Lamb’s greatest honors.

Sheriff Lamb is running for the Arizona Senate in 2024, many Americans see what is happening at our Southern border and are disgusted. He said he was inspired to run because he wants to get this country back on track. He believes more needs to be done to fight for values that are important to Americans today. Sheriff Lamb has seen disastrous border control tactics that are negatively affecting the people in Arizona. He has observed groups who crossed over the border daily. He realized that there is only so much he can do as a sheriff to combat this issue. He believes that this issue needs to be resolved by the people at the higher level to help restore justice and order.

He thinks that the laws need to be changed to protect American citizens from the violence and financial implications of the illicit business dealings that often happen from these illegal border crossings. He also is concerned about the illegal fentanyl being imported into the country and the threat this causes for Americans. The rule of law is essential to forming laws and maintaining order. Sheriff Lamb argues that many people are looking to undermine the law, and he argues that securing the border is a necessary way to maintain order. He believes it is important to enforce the laws as they are stated without making them political. The rule of law can be restored in America by starting at forming border security and standing up for the law.

We see more and more calls from Democrats to disarm Americans. We know that if any true gun grabbing occurs the burden will fall on law enforcement. Many liberal leaders like to use terrible human tragedies to exploit the emotions of empathetic Americans and push their agenda. Sheriff Lamb believes that people will get more aggressive about trying to restrict gun usage and use tragedies to promote the liberal agenda. He argues that liberals do not care about the true cause of many heartbreaking tragedies, which is the mental health crisis in America.

He believes mental health should be properly addressed and helped. Liberals use issues to promote messages of gun control and defunding police instead of getting to the root of the issue. It is important to maintain the 2nd amendment. Sheriff Lamb points out that each amendment is essential to the Constitution, and taking away one of them leads to a dangerous situation where further amendments could be revised or removed.

Kirsten Sinema has become an Independent. In light of the 3-way race, Sheriff Lamb thinks things will still work out in Republicans’ favor. He pointed out that there are more registered voters in Arizona than Democrats. He believes that he needs to focus on winning and succeeding rather than focusing on his opponents. Americans are tired of candidates’ campaign strategies revolving around criticizing their opponents. People want a candidate with their values and objectives that they can support and get excited about. He wants people to feel like he is the best candidate for the position!

We can learn more about his Senate campaign and how to support Sheriff Mark Lamb for US Senate in Arizona HERE:

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