Marine Le Pen CRUSHES Macron in French Elections!

A political earthquake rocked France over the weekend. The populist right National Rally stormed the French parliament with their biggest landslide win EVER! We’re going to look at what happened over the weekend and see how it relates to the elections coming up this Sunday, and what it all means for the continued realignment of Europe around the nationalist populist right!

– Marine Le Pen and National Rally achieved a significant victory in France’s first round of national elections, capturing 33% of the vote, ahead of Macron’s coalition which trailed with 20%.

– The election highlighted a stark divide between urban and provincial France, with National Rally dominating in rural and small-town areas while gaining no traction in greater Paris.

– National Rally’s support has surged dramatically, from 18% in 2020 to 34% in 2022, challenging Macron’s strategy to sideline them.

Over the weekend, Marine Le Pen and National Rally were the big winners in the first round of the national elections across France. Once all the votes were counted, the nationalist right finished first, winning an astonishing 33% of the vote. Although French President Immanuel Macron called for the elections just a few weeks ago, that call obviously has backfired.

Macron’s coalition came in at a distant third, at just 20%, trailing well behind the radical left coalition that came in second with 28%! It was a stunning election, not the least of which because it reveals the radical divide that has opened up between urban and provincial France. This map shows the populist provincial revolution underway in France right now:

The sea of purple shows the regions that voted for National Rally. British political scholar Matt Goodwin noted that in the greater Paris area, not a single one of National Rally’s candidates made it to the second round! But all throughout the industrial heartlands, the small towns, villages, and rural areas all across France, National Rally candidates absolutely dominated.

Provincial France has clearly turned to the nationalist populist right in a massive political earthquake! What’s going on in France in terms of how they do elections is very similar to the Louisiana governor elections we saw a few months back. There are actually two rounds. Candidates who score over 50% of the vote in round one win automatically. That’s what we saw in the governor’s race in Louisiana some months back.

National Rally dominated and Le Pen’s party got by far the most number of candidates who got over the 50% mark. Candidates who got at least 12.5% of the vote advance to the second round. Macron tweeted out that “the time has come for a broad, clearly democratic and republican alliance for the second round” to keep Le Pen and her party out of power.

Once again the globalists are trying to clamp down on democracy in order to save it. But there’s a huge problem with this strategy. National Rally has surged over the years.

Back in 1988, they weren’t even breaking double digits in terms of the first round vote. Now, in 2022, they got 18% of the vote. As long as National Rally was in the political periphery, it wasn’t hard to deny them a second round victory. As of this weekend, National Rally has surged to 34% of the vote. They doubled their votes from just two years ago!

1 in every 3 French voters is voting for Le Pen and National Rally. Macron’s strategy of boxing them out looks like it’s imploding. The big question in all of this is what are the center-right conservatives going to do for round two. The center-right was basically split down the middle when it came to aligning themselves with Le Pen in the first round. Now with the radical left winning second place, it looks like more conservatives are coming out and saying that the real danger to France is the radical left.

They will likely need to align with the so-called radical right in order to stop the rise of the radical left. We will see this coming Sunday, but if the center-right largely aligns itself with Le Pen’s National Rally, we may be seeing the beginning of a new France that would be a thoroughly nationalist, populist France that promises to remake the political map not just in their own country, but throughout the continent of Europe as well.

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